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Glue Anything Together Answered

Want to know how to glue common materials together? This site lets you form combinations of 11 different materials and then tells you the best way to attach them. It's a simple site, but very handy in a pinch and the URL is easy to remember as well.

This to That via Make Blog


Thanks for putting this up as a topicAhem...

I've mentioned this-to-that in multiple forum topics for the past 7 months (I got it from my lab's senior tech). Just being snarky :-) Seriously, advertising good and useful Web sites is never a bad thing. Thanks!

. A good Ibler would have posted it as a topic seven months ago. :P

I wasn't a good I'bler seven months ago...I was a newbie, with one decent project :-)

Your Honor, I object! Please instruct the witness that he is under oath and perjury carries a heavy sentence.

. False modesty does not become you, sir! I've been pretty impressed since day one.

The site is "old news". Messieur kmh has been recommending that site as well as McMaster-Carr for as long as we have known him. Query the database to see how many times it was actually referenced...

Ah. Haven't seen any of the recommendations here. And... old news? Good info never gets old!

True, a better word would have been "has been mentioned before, a few times..."

It's like Schrödinger's cat - if Fungus has not personally witnessed it, we can only be 50 % sure it actually happened.

Awwww. Under "Glue o'month" I saw many different glues. Intrigued, I clicked on "Mr Sticky's Underwear Glue". Except it was really "Mr Sticky's Underwater Glue". So much less interesting...

. ROFLMAO!! . Get your mind out of the gutter, young lady!

. I saw before but wouldn't touch that even with Kelseymh's shtick...you're a better man than me...
. they also do not have a glue for LYAO.

I hope you noticed how well I restrained myself -- not one comment on just how Mr. Sticky got his nickname, let alone his underwear :->

I was thinking it must be something along the lines of a horrible industrial accident...like he fell in a vat of Krazy glue or something...

Some combinations of the words are referenced in Urban Dictionary. e'nuf said.

You gotta be pretty confident in your taste in underwear if your going to permanently glue them to yourself. Nothing worse than going into the locker room only to find out your not wearing the same underwear as the cool kids are.

Indeed, I thought, "But...you need to change underwear...how would that work...?" :D

Yeah its important to change your underwear at least every two weeks wether you need to or not. Also sometimes you might be in situations where quick removal of underwear is important. Like if you catch on fire or something. :- |

XD Nonono, don't waste time trying to pull them off! Stop, drop, and roll! :Ida thunk they taught that to you in basic training... :P

The only thing that could make that better would be to also add duct tape to the list of available fasteners :-)

haha This is so cool and handy! This is a great tool when you are not shore what to use... Thanks fungus amungus!!! :D

Apparently there is no category for glueing your fingers together....wait...I know that one...

Do you know, most residential bathroom locks have a small hole in the outside doorknob? That is for activating the explosive bolt to release the bathroom door in case of an emergency. The trick is to know what tool to use and what the procedure is for a catastrophic decompression of the bathroom chamber.

I knew they had a hole(I have a bathroom door) but I didn't know what they were for. However, that doesn't answer my question.

I think we are on different wavelengths, hence my obscure answer to your comment. Uhhh, yes, I have used superglues unsparingly?

think we are on different wavelengths
Meaning the fact that your a father, and I'm not even 16

hence my obscure answer to your comment.
Being un-rude as I possible can...That was an answer?

Uhhh, yes, I have used superglues unsparingly?
Please answer my question with a simple yes or no, please. Did you ever lock yourself out of the bathroom?

Sorry if I sounded rude in this comment. I didn't mean to...

Oooooh, it was a simple question? No, you were not rude. I overanalyzed your first comment from my point of view. No, I have never locked myself out of the bathroom. It is kind of hard to do because bathroom locks can't be engaged to automatically click to lock when you close the door. Unless it is in the office where they might have one of those combination button locks on the public bathroom and they will lock when the door is closed. It had a hard-to -forget three digit combination.

Ah,its easy,for gluing your fingers to anything,just use superglue,or crazy glue

I think they actually started using that stuff to suture people up from surgery.

Yep, I had my finger super glued together after playing behead-the-finger.

. ROFL I liked that so well, I left a comment at T2T suggesting they add fingers.