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Going to school in the UK Answered

This is something that i really want to do but I have quite a few questions. 1.It is really pricey are there any scholarships that americans can apply for? 2.How hard would it be to obtain residency after graduating? 3. How long does your visa last? 4.I want to go for engineering (mechanical, chemical, electrical) not sure witch one yet. What are good schools for these? 5. What test would i have to take here we take the ACT or SAT and where could I take it? 6. I could still buy and consume beer even tough I am american once I go over there? The biggest issues are paying for it and getting accepted. The reasons i want to go is because i love the UK. They have good food and there public transportation is GREAT. Americas sucks. Stuff is just better there.


I hate how foreign people criticize Americans. I'm tired of it. So who cares if we have an extra sport over here???

An extra sport?!? How inappropriate and offensive!!!!!11 *Runs away screaming*

If you want engineering two of the best universities around are oxford brooks and queens right here in my town, oxford brooks run courses from BTEC level up to diplomas and have amazing resources one of my best friends did a little stint there and at noble, he actually designed the intake manifold on the M16 (I think it was the 16 I'm not sure) You can get really involved and on their mini courses they were given a tuned up cosworth engine as a test bed...

I really want to go to school there but i dont think it is going to happen. It would be really exspensive and it is on the other side of the world.

With out scholarships to go to LSU for 4 years it would cost me about 12.5 euros. Without scholarships to go to school in the UK it would cost me about 24 euros or more.

A scholarship in the US would be MUCH more than 12.5 euros



I just found out that there's a chance of me being able to go to oxford brookes... That is a big thing, since I have wanted to go and do motorsport engineering for so long, my friend mentioned it while I was watching a motorshow on TV and picking faults with designs, especially that swanky new puegot coupe, the fools left a square chunk and the back of the windows that was a complete mess in my opinion, a little smooth curve of metal would make the car and smaooth out the busy lines around the back of the doors...

I don't know about the UK system, but the US has a few quirks... There are private and public (state) universities, of course. The private being the most prestigious and expensive.

But the fees at state universities differ greatly, depending on whether one is a state resident or not. Here's an example, CSU. Undergrad fees for resident: $5,388 ; non-resident: $18,828

Ours recently came up with this new thing where most degrees are around 3000/yr though some professions are excluded, nursing for example is free. Correct me if I'm wrong someone.

With the current exchange rate, some US schools would look pretty good ;-) (if you hung out for a year or so to get residency status...)

Just kidding...

Are there tiers / testing requirements (not sure what the phrase is), in the UK? I have friends in Germany, and if you're not cutting it in HS, you aren't able to progress and study certain subjects in university.

Here? If you can talk you way into the school, and maintain a certain GPA, you study anything you like...

Umm I'm hoping to talk my way in to oxford brookes. Apparently I have the mind for it anyway... I sure hope so, motorsport engineering is a dream degree for me, plus a good job at the end is common. Now if I could talk my way in to a scholarship I'd be over tomorrow

Oxford brookes, eh? I checked out their website, and on the front:

The archive of the late Michael Jackson, renowned beer and whisky expert, has been donated to the University.

Now that's a school...

An amazing place... That and they actually want to meet you, grades or no, they take people on intelligence, not purely on academia, which is cool... Also they have the most unbelievable set of affiliates in the world... The placements list is just silly...

Sounds like a great place to learn, too.

Re: #6
6. I could still buy and consume beer even tough I am american once I go over there?

Sorry, no. When I was your age, "3.2 beer" was legal for the 18-21 crowd. So alcohol consumption was legal for just about everyone in college (even if the beer was lousy.)

Twenty-one is the minimum age now. It's not a national law, but it's a federal mandate, and all the states have fallen in line....

In some states you can drink if a family member is present, but they'd be responsible for any repercussions (such as driving, etc.)

If he's in Britain he means, yeah he can... On entering the country he would be under our laws... Which would of course mean driving on the other side aswell... Unlike some americans, which simply forget...

Unlike some americans, which simply forget...

Like me. Who forgot who the OP was... ;-)

Nah one near hit my mum one day, she pulled a U-turned and shouted at him, then he looked confused for a while and realized the other side of the road was for that direction...

Shouted colorfully, I bet.... Much of the rest of the world is righty drivers..is it only yanks that don't do their homework?

Umm I can't remember but I think the french are on the left hand side, along with others, japan are right hand, it's just whatever felt right at the time I guess...

At this rate of going I might never get to now. I might be able to get on to oxford brookes courses, due to the way they run, but thats a big might... The two uni's are very interconnected and both have amazing engineering connections, you can do a years experience in loads of stuff, even NASCAR... on the motorsport engineering that is, on the normal engineering you have loads of amazing options as well....

1. Some individual universities have scholarships and grants funded by sponsors and beneficiaries - you'd have to ask them directly, but they usually require exceptional potential.

2. Not very. Our new assistant head was (accidentally) American, but he has lived in this country for the last several decades.

3. Student visas usually last three years, but are fairly easy to renew if your course is longer, or you move on to do masters/doctorate.

4. Lots. Edinburgh and Manchester spring to mind, but you really need to decide which course you want before you choose the uni.

5. Oxford and Cambridge have their own entrance exams, otherwise entry is usually based on your A level exam results (exam results at 18)

6. Once you are in the UK, and outside of places like embassies, you are entirely under UK law - as long as you're 18, drink away, old chap, but beware the fact that proper British beer (i.e. not lager) is often much stronger than what Americans are used to. (I worked for a company that installed an American manager, boy did he look silly after the works Christmas party.)

I shudder at the thought of Budweiser, really I do.

Actually, if you get the proper American or Czech stuff, it's not too bad. Far better than Fosters or Stella.

I used to go to the Mildenhall airshow and drink rather large quantities of it via the US airmen who sold it from huge barrels of ice - refreshing, and little more.

I rather like the taste of Stouts more so than most any beer in the USA (some Boch beers are ok).

I can heartily recommend a nice Oyster Stout (brewed to be drunk with oysters, not from oysters).

My favourite breweries, in no particular order: Adnams, St Peter's, Jennings and Coniston.


Hmm, I am not familiar with those....but I have had Guinness on a few occasions :-)

I don't think they've gone global yet - they're all single-site operations.

If you want proper Guinness, you need to drink it in an Irish pub.

Really. Hmm, I haven't had it for awhile, but I could have sworn it said "imported" at the time on the bottle. I have SEEN it in the distributors recently however, and that stuff is not. A friend of mine went to Germany, and brought me back a bottle of "cheap" beer, (it was the cheapest he could find but expensive enough that it was the only bottle he could afford LOL). That was definitely different :-)

It tastes much better with the smell of a peat fire in the nostrils and the sound of a fiddle in the corner.

We used to have all that but it's closing, damn new developments...

Well, it had quite a bitter bite I was not used to. Has to do something with the hops that were used, if I remember correctly.

For some reason that sounds like a Soy sauce or Gravy mix LOL

Don't knock drinking gravy till you've tried it. That reminds me of a story, for our last day at school we decided to do something original and put OXO cubes and gravy granules into the fountains. Next thing we knew, fountains of gravy. It looked pretty good.

I always used to take a flask of hot Oxo when I went hiking in winter.

Using the stock makes a decent soup, I recommend beef or chicken, plus it's about the same price as one cup-a-soup sachet for twelve cubes...

Good idea, I'll have to try that when I do my DofE exped.

Anheuser-Busch sold itself to a Belgian brewer... So, Bud will finally taste good!

Thanks!!!! What is the maerican version of the A level exam. The ACT or SAT.

more like your finals. the uk's on a different system. you're a level exams are taken in your junior ans senior year. but since you're not taught for it, idk how that would work. i DO knwo that they make a-level maths prep books and stuff like that. contact the school. tell them you may be interested in applyin in the future and was wonderring how an american would apply, what exams you need to take and what not.

I don't know - it's the last exam you take in school before going to university.

It is quite funny, many people who live in the UK want to go to the US because they think it is bad here, maybe they just feel like a change. Although I do think it is good that in the UK college is free under 19.

You know there are about 2.3 dollars in one pound right?

The food aint that great really, infact, its shockin compared to say france.

You've been eating in the wrong places. We don't all eat McDonalds...