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Golf ball launcher/ spud rifle long range Answered

A golf ball will traver about 3X farther than a smoth round object .  This brings a spud/rifle to a whole new level.. Golf balls now come with 350 to 450 dimples to disrupt the lamar flow and decrease drag.  The ?? test guys did this to a car and got 10% better gas-milage on their first try.
 I've thought about this for a longtime now .., I need some help tho,.or I wont ever get to It.
 There is a recient article here on a hi power or long range spud rifle that looked good for a launcher, but it mite now be strong enuf for a 45 grain ball?
Some ball did come with just a band of dimples so the ball would stabllise in flight and not climb or divert from the spin all golf clubs have built into their faces 7degrees?  I believe they were outlawed since they would be more accurate on drives.  It mite be good for this launcher tho?

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Goodhart (author)2010-07-08

It is difficult to determine exactly what you are asking, could you clarify it a bit?

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jonpersonals (author)Goodhart2010-07-09

I just replied and it was erased.. I now have a fire extingusher for a air chanber and I am thinking a ball valve which is spring loaded will be perfect. Please give me ;your e\ideas

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Goodhart (author)jonpersonals2010-07-09

When you spoke of golf club face slant (or loft), it confused me a bit:

Club       Loft /Angle 
Driver 8 - 13 Degrees
2 Wood 12 - 15 Degrees
3 Wood 12 - 17 Degrees
4 Wood 15 - 19 Degrees
5 Wood 20 - 23 Degrees
6 Wood 22 - 25 Degrees
7 Wood 25 - 28 Degrees
1 Iron 15 - 18 Degrees
2 Iron 18 - 20 Degrees
3 Iron 21 - 24 Degrees
4 Iron 25 - 28 Degrees
5 Iron 28 - 32 Degrees
6 Iron 32 - 36 Degrees
7 Iron 36 - 40 Degrees
8 Iron 40 - 44 Degrees
9 Iron 45 - 48 Degrees
Pitching Wedge 47 - 53 Degrees
Gap Wedge 50 - 54 Degrees
Sand Wedge 54 - 58 Degrees
Lob Wedge 58 - 62 Degrees

A LOT of things could be used to launch a golf ball - including a compressed air tank (essentially what you suggest with the fire extinguisher), compressed air from a stomp pump (used to launch small "rockets"),  water pressure,  elastic (think heavy duty sling shot),  a "sling" (what a trebuchet was before it was mechanized),  etc.

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