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Golf carts for racing Answered

I'm new to this group but not to working on golf carts. I have been working on carts now for 15 years and I just started another venture in drag racing them. This is a lot of fun and hard work though but I really like the people in which I race around. If you are in SC area this May 2011 come join us for a weekend of racing and showing off your cart in Pageland SC.

If anyone has questions about there cart feel free to ask!


You can also race a stock cart at our races if that what you want to race.

Here are some more details
Safety is one concern for all who race no matter what vehicle it is.
My cart has a full rollbar system, safety shut off and fire extinguisher on board.
Safety is number one. I'm also thinking about adding a safety net on the top of the bar to keep my arms inside the bar's if it flips.
I have the 4 point seat harness also which is bolted to the roll bar with grade 8 bolts.

Seat harness.jpg2011 colors.jpgsafety equipment.jpg

This is a basic over view of how to build a dragster. Basic cart to start with. Batteries hopefully 48 volts or more. Controller to handle voltage contactors to handle voltage High speed motor welding cable to supply the juice to motor The batteries need to be placed in the cart so that the weight is as far in the rear as possible. This is for weight transfer. Also you need to secure everything good. The batteries with tie wraps was taken just for when I was figuring out the layout of everything. Never have gotten new pictures. The cables need to be as short as possible for less drop off of voltage and amps.
Here is a link to my website on the dragster

slicks.jpg72 volt contacts.jpg72 volt controller.jpg925's.jpg

I have a question:

When are you going to post an Instructable on how to build one?