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Good Arduino Project Ideas? Answered

I have constantly been looking for Arduino project ideas but I cant find any that look good, or I don't have the right supplies.  I have an ethernet shield, sd card shield, usb host shield, 1 servo, various hookup wire, resistors, capacitors, etc.  Any ideas would be great.  thank you.



how about an arduino robot. Here look for the chicken parmi's obstacle avoiding arduino robot - https://www.instructables.com/id/James-Your-first-Arduino-Robot/

My favorite thing about arduino (and this is just an opinion) is that you can control real world events with it. If I were trying to come up with an idea for myself it would have something to with the servo. I don't know what your particular servo is capable of. If it were my project I would find something for the servo to control, and control the servo using the arduino and Ethernet shield. Also it depends on if you are looking for something useful, or just for fun. If it's just for fun you could build some sort of Rube Goldberg machine and have the servo start it having been activated using Ethernet or maybe the USB. I haven't had experience with either the Ethernet or USB. Hope I helped a little.

Try looking through the entries in the current Arduino contest or do a search for arduino collections (groups of projects under one theme).