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Good Free CAD Software? Answered

I'm gonna build something and I need a free CAD program. I have a very light one but if anyone has any suggestions please tell me.


I use AllyCAD - free cad software at www.allycad.com with toolkits for architects, mechanical, surveyors and civil users. v good.

In moving about their site, I don't see a way to actually download the program. At least, it is not intuitive...do I have to sign up for a newsletter first.?

I think you give them your email then they give you a download link


Ok, thanks. I could not find that page you link to (maybe it is too early in the morning for me to be online LOL)

Did you try a search of instructables? This was a forum topic recently

Free 3D CAD software forum topic

This is assuming you meant 3D modelling-type CAD software. There is also other types of CAD, like circuit design etc...

Hmmmm...SketchUp, I've seen that before on Call for Help (computer help show). It's really simple and easy to use. Thanks.

Oh good, I could not remember that link myself.....thanks