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Good Places to go to in London Answered

Hi, I know that this is a completely unrelated, but I am going to London for two days and was wondering what places I should go too. Thanks Joe Rowley Joer14@gmail.com


And now the time returns again:
Our souls exult, and London's towers
Receive the Lamb of God to dwell
In England's green and pleasant bowers.
-William Blake

There's the >doh< list: > Science Museum > Natural History Museum (don't forget to look at the building itself) > V&A; Museum > British Museum > Imperial War Museum > Take a trip on the river > Downing Street > The various parks (Hyde Park - go see Speakers' Corner, heckle somebody) > Westminster > Tower of London > St Paul's (I think you have to pay now) > London Eye (don't bother with the aquarium nearbye) > Just have a trip on the Tube > Further out, try Kew > The Royal Observatory has just been refurbished and re-opened > Just wander the streets and people-watch > Cartoon Museum > Harrods (don't bother with Hamley's) > Covent Garden > take in a show at Leicester Square (and I don't even live there!)

The Science Museum rocks!!! you will need two days to see everything, we tried it in one day, at the opening of the doors right until they kicked us out, there was loads we didn't see :(

At Hamley's you get to play the games (PS2 etc...) free! and they also have little test areas for r/c cars and such like but there is a real grumpy man in there at one "tester" place.

D.Street, there is nothing to see, except bobbies with H&K's(?)
Changing of Guard is like a bunfight.

btw don't play with water pistols while about in London, also try dropping litter under certain cameras, pull faces at all the cameras, shoot the cameras with your water pistol, try and get into House of Lords with a non-locking pocket knife and chalk to see what you cannot carry inside.

Oh, and another thing look out for the amount of concrete barriers around D Street/House of Lords, anyone would think there was going to be a war.

Oh, the London Eye applies the same carry-on rules as airlines, since it's owned by BA. I had to hand over my knife after being metal-detected, then got given it back after I went round.

Beats me where they think a hijacker would go...

Kiteman's list is pretty good.
Do get on the tube.
Boat trip down the river to Greenwich is not a bad way to spend some time.
Climbing all the way to the top of St Pauls is fun.


Don;t ride the London eye...it wasn't worth it...

Buckingham palace is really cool

If you're into it (like me mom) Harrods is HUGE..I got a souvenir/tin of cookies =]

I've never been..but the reconstructed globe theater?

Big ben

I think the Eye depends on the weather - I went on a clear day - and how interested you are in the skyline.

Ive been to Europe twice..each time to multiple countries...most of the things you go to see are really old, and you go really high..in the london eye you just go really high...I just wasn't too tickled by it.

Thank you guys so much. This rocks.