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Good source for foot switches? Answered

I'm looking to build a stomp box of sorts, and am having trouble finding a good source for foot (stomp) switches that will hold up.  Neither Mouser nor Digikey seem to have something appropriate, at least based on my searches.  I found DIYstompboxes.com, which seems to have decent enough prices ($5.00 a pop).

So my question is, what's the best (taking into account reliability, speed, quality, and best deal mainly) place to get a foot switch that will hold up without breaking the bank?

Also, when I say foot switch, I mean a button.  Not a pedal.



I just found that Mouser started carring the Alpha Taiwan 3PDT footswitches along with the Carling footswitches.


Like your fluorescent idea bulb.

Hey thanks. Too bad I already did that before asking the question, and is in fact why I asked said question--because the results from meagre search engines was not sufficient.

Thanks again for the useful input!

. Apparently you missed all the great links to SPST (and other configurations) switches that would meet your requirements. If you have a reading problem, just say so and I will try to pick appropriate pages to link to.
. You are most welcome. Glad I could be of assistance.

I do indeed have a reading problem. Could you please pick out some pages for me that you personally know are for reliable companies, have good shipping, high quality, and good prices?

Thanks again for your generous help!

What clever presentation! I applaud you for your originality, though simple links to the websites themselves would suffice--they're a much more efficient use of both parties' time! They also forgo any condescending, generally misplaced and misguided, attempt at making a statement--perceived or otherwise.

I must say though, I am still in need of help. I have failed to find anything suitable on McMaster McCarr--I do have a reading problem after all. I see plenty of momentary switches, and plenty of pedal switches, but no stomp switches. Since the website assuredly meets the standards I specified (otherwise you wouldn't have wasted your time posting it!), could you please take the extra time to point out where exactly the stomp switches are on that website. Thanks!

That other site, however, is great! That both were already mentioned in the answers got me wondering though. Funnily enough, neither of the websites are in the first ten pages of results for any of those search engines you so kindly linked me to! Which is odd, because I was under the impression that you got those "great links" off one of the search engines...

Looks like I'm not the only one benefiting from the friendly and helpful portion of the Instructables community! I am now left wondering what exactly you hoped to accomplish with this use of your time, since whatever message you were trying to convey is--quite clearly--wrong.

In the (hopeful) case that I misunderstood you, and you in reality meant that I missed the links on this page , it is clear now that mere searching would be, as I stated, not sufficient--and whatever point you're trying to make moot.

So yes, I would like some more of those great links, and I'm curious as to which exact search engine and page you pulled them from: surely you didn't lift them from the answers as it would seem.

If that cannot be done, as I suspect, then I must make a simple observation for your benefit: perhaps there's a more productive use of time than for these antics. Regardless, I wish you no ill will, and I do hope you have a pleasant day!

.  tl;dr
.  Apparently you can't use a search engine and I'm much too lazy to do your work for you.

I'll put it in a nutshell since you apparently have a reading problem as well.

You didn't pull those from the search engine: check yourself--those links aren't in the first ten pages of any of them for what you gave me.

So your cute little excuses don't hold up, and whatever "witty" statement you're trying to make of searching first is completely wrong for obvious reasons.

But you're a basal troll who completely misunderstands the purpose of an answers website, so I'm not going to waste any more time with you. I have things to make.

.  One last try: Go back to the original link I posted; then click on the Google link; then look at the third or fourth hit (may have change since I posted); Voila! If you can't get that, all hope is lost.
.  Now, go make something.


Best Answer 7 years ago

I buy from AES ( Antique Electronics Supply ). They've got a large selection.

You could also try ebay, and order switches directly from the pacific rim. The Chinese sources can be cheap, if you order in quantity (these are the same switches that DIYstompboxes sells...)

DIYstompboxes is good, actually, and that's a fair price. Especially if that's a triple pole (3PDT) type--for true bypass, plus an extra pole for an LED indicator.

Don't mess around with switches that aren't specifically designed to be stomped on--the switch is one of the most likely things to fail in an FX build.

Thanks! All of the above is good to know.

Yeah, as others say -- most should just be the mechanical part that moves and springs back based on being stepped on - that's the hard part. Electronics suppliers will stock the microswitches that are activated by the movement of the mechanical part.

With or without the case?

The push-on/push-off button itself should be available from electronic suppliers. Finding a case which can stand up to being stomped on, other than by getting one specifically intended for that application from a musical-equipment supplier, may be more of a challenge.

Without the case. Though I can see that being a challenge as well. Should an average pushbutton switch hold up to that kind of treatment without problems?

No way. An average pushbutton switch is designed to be pressed with a finger, not a foot.

Have you checked McMaster-Carr for their industrial switches?