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Good source for small motor and metal gears? Answered

Does anyone have a good source for small motors and metal gears?  I was surprised to find that I can 3D print plastic gears cheaper than buying them at a local hobby store but would prefer metal if I can find them.  I need between 1" and 2" sizes, and not just random pieces.  They need to be the same pitch so they'll mesh.

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JeffreyD4 (author)2015-02-13

Why not do three r's and reduce your cost, reuse motors out of old tape decks and vcrs' (and gears) and recycle the rest of it.

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walter.warren1 (author)JeffreyD42015-02-13

Thanks for the suggestion. This is for an artistic piece and I think I've settled upon a custom designed gear that I'll get 3D printed. I found a local guy that will do the 12 I need for the same price shapeways.com wanted for two.

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Honus (author)2015-01-29

For metal gears try Stock Drive Products-


McMaster- Carr is also great for gears.

For small motors try Pololu-


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