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Good travel tripod? Answered

Looking for a good travel tripod for cheap, i cant find very many in my specifications
If i would get one it would hopefully be

less than 12 inches when folded
Can extend to a pretty high range (about waist height, or at least 4-5 feet)
And preferably can clip to a backpack or other thing (optional)
Weight is not a huge deal, so any weight is fine
and be cheap :) less than 50 bucks most likely

i dont care if it is a name brand one or not, it just needs to hold a camera
stability doesnt have to be great also, i could probably clip some wight onto it if needed
camera i will be using is over a pound, but just by 3 or 4 ounces- not a DSLR either so there is no added lens weight if i go telephoto

Thanks!! I really appreciate it :)



Best Answer 7 years ago

I have the perfect tripod for you... It's about 9" when folded up. It extends to just above my waist, somewhere in the four foot trange. It cost me $15.00.

Unfortunetely, there is no brand name on it. I can tell you I got it out of the photo department at Wal-Mart a few years back. I would like to mention that as I no longer shop there, I have no idea whether they are still there. However, that's the only place I've seen anything like this. I can also say it's been a great little tripod, and has survived several trips and weddings with me with semi-heavy handycams attached to it.


Looks like this might be the tripod for me, cheap, lightweight, and extendable. Just not sure if they carry it at wal-mart anymore. Will be looking for it! :)

I'm using a 'Hama Star 61' tripod for a couple of years now.
I've got to tell you, that thing is perfect for me (and probably you too).

The tripod is lightweight, and yet very stable and pretty strong (I use a Canon DSLR). It comes with a nice bag to carry it in. And since it's so light, I even take it with me when I go for a walk with my camera.

The price is also pretty good. Now and then there are websites with very sweet deals on Hama Star tripods.

Hope this helps you a bit. Good luck.

Been looking a bit on amazon and i think i have found a couple contenders. Mostly they fold down to 14-16" range but one folds down to under 13. Really hard to pick a best answer though. I think i will have to go with yokozuna though. All of your answers were very helpful!! Will have to try out anti monopod method :) Since there are so many people with good results. Thanks!

I have one I inherited from a family member. It's some sort of pro equipment from the 70s or 80s. It's milled steel and weighs a tonne. If you hit someone with it they wouldn't get up; Never had a more sturdy mini-pod. from 8" up to waist height.

Does it have a name on it? Not sure if they would still be around though.

not so much help as you'd wish, no name -- just thought I'd mention they do exist, and have obviously for a very long time.

The other soluiton is to get one of the micro-tripods which can be strapped to other things, and improvise from there. I have a 6" plastic 'pod which can be velcroed to any available railing or stick...

BTW, if you're in a situation where you need to use a tripod, you should probably also be using a cable release so hand vibration doesn't get into the camera. If you don't have a cable release handy, the self-timer function can often be used as an adequate substitute.

(I avoid flash whenever possible; I've learned to cope.)

I have a couple micro-tripods (they do not support much more than a point and shoot though), nothing like a gorilla pod or anything though. Haven't had the need for one yet. I was planning to get a cable release or similar, but maybe i can save some $ with just the timer (i am not sure if it will let you use timer for long-exposure or for more of a get in the picture then flash type thing)
I am in the process of learning to not use flash too :)
Haven't heard of the Velcro though :)

less than 12 inches when folded
Can extend to a pretty high range
clip to a backpack or other thing (optional)
Weight is not a huge deal
less than 50 bucks most likely
i dont care if it is a name brand one or not, it just needs to hold a camera
stability doesnt have to be great also

Based on those criteria, maybe this

If you want to have the tripod stand-alone, there's plenty of solutions here.

good luck

Lightest and most travelled is the mono pod -

My solution has been learning to hand-hold longer exposures, and using an anti-monopod (a strap to the gound which I step on and pull up against) when I need additional stabilization.

I believe there was another Answers topic some time back where I posted a moderately detailed description of my technique. I don't have a pointer to it handy, but it might be worth checking past photography-related questions.

I actually saw that just a couple weeks ago (i dont think your question, but an 'ible or article) where they did that. I dont think it would be my thing. i would mostly use the tripod for really long-exposure shots, i am not very steady-handed at times :)

as to motadacruz' answer, im not sure that is the right tripod either. it seems a little to long for my needs (im rather short on space :) ) but it has a great price! thanks to both of you :) Will have to look into anti-monopod method more, along with seeing how big of a tri i can bring