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Good use for old crockery? Answered

I have the intact ceramic pot and glass lid from an old crock pot that died.  Unfortunately, the heating element was built fairly permanently into the outer case, and was neither reparable nor salvageable.  My wife tells me this is now useless clutter we don't need, but my instincts say otherwise.  Can anyone suggest a good use to which this crock could be put?



If the lid is borosilicate glass, you could use it in your oven as a very deep casserole dish or roasting pan. Heck, you could skip the lid and use aluminum foil if you needed to. I have a clay roaster that does wonderful things with a whole chicken, and I bet the crock would work just as well.

That crock pot would be suitable for oven use if I'm not mistaken.

elsewise, you could always give it over to a nearly new shop...Might make someone happy to find a replacement for their heating element...ya never know.

A small propagator for seeds and seedlings?

Use it as a cooking pot, should be just fine.