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Goodbye instructables :( APRIL FOOLS JOKE! Answered

Well, I have decided to leave the site. I don't see any point, after many arguments (you know who you are) I am leaving. I may come back in the distant future, probably not. seems like I am hated by many. Well, goodbye :( Please note: Do not delete my account please eric or the instructables team, i may want to come back some day. Hahaha! Gotcha all! Why would I want to leave the site?


Signing out for the last time. Thanks for the good times. Bye all! X'(

Dang it. Oh, well. Not the first time I've been disappointed.

Not a very affective joke, lol

it was before I made the edit to the text and the title :P


9 years ago

Awwww come on! At least you aren't deleting your account :) Well good-bye and I will hopefully get to talk to you soon :) Bye :(

i might come back... dunno. Bye then :(

I'm still not happy :( I dunno why someone would quit guns :( well I'll hopefully ttyl :(

SERIOUSLY!!!!??! YAY!! I knew you would do something like that! WELCOME BACK!!!

I knew you would do something like that!


I honestly do not know why I posted that.....maybe I was really tired that night? *shrug*

Ok see YA later (PLEASE LEAVE!) Joking

aww i thought you would really leave. >:(

Rats. First you get all of our hopes up, then dash them like Satan himself.

so because I do knex, you hate me. You really must have nothing good to do...

Nah, I just thought KMh's comment was funy. My first ible is a knex gun, surely I cant hate them that much if I posted one...

Excellent decision ;-) I'd have done so myself if I weren't the author!

Nice one, a nice imitation of someone too, i guess.
Lol, i need a sweet.

this is different because you said you quit knex. He said he quit ibles.

Oh, ok. My bad, i didn't know people saw a differance between quitting Knex and quitting Ibles.

funny, but it was posted yesterday i would have thought this was one, except for that

lol nice joke.


9 years ago

Wait... I don't get it, do you want to fool us or just blow your own trumpet of "HAI I'm The Jamalam" I guess I was well fooled.

I changed the title earlier today to reveal my trick i guess

You gave it away with the title.

No its not. That was an april fool joke, and you know it :O

If you read it, you'll find I wasn't saying O BAI LOL, I was congratulating TUA ok his victory of a comment.