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Goodbye Answered

Just wanted to say goodbye for a week. Cause I'll be too sick to post this later. I'm probably going to be gone for a week or so...with the chickenpox. I don't have it, yet, but my sister and my brother both have it, and my other sister and I are next (my other two brothers are immune, they got the shots but somehow we didn't, something about FDA approval and you can't receive it after a certain age...). They caught it from my dad, who has shingles. The doctor says we're next-like the chances are 100% that we will get sick soon. So, if anyone cares, I'm not gone forever, just for a while. I have to go clean my room and basically prepare to die now. (lol!)


Is... Is she gone?

Party Time!

Break out the champagne!!! Bring out the dancers!!!! Serve the cake!!! Where's the damn confetti?!

I've been planning this for years.

Let the strippers out of the secret...

I suppose I should have fed them...

You think they'll charge you for those 3 years?

EH, I think they'll be dead by- Oh! Hey Skate! Pick up that phone! Call some new strippers! We just got rid of a debt! Ahh!! One grabbed my hand!!! *hits with boat paddle* Die! Die! Die!!!!

OK...NOW we're free of a debt.

I officially have it. It STINKS! I can't sleep, I'm in pain...this is no fun at all. I have spots everywhere...I even think I have one in my throat. :(

Yeah, that's not cool .........
And yes, in the throat too they can appear. That's why you may have strong coughs.
If you don't catch a cold, that should be okay.

When you'll have kids, do like KK said : as soon as an other child will have it, put yours with him/her so they'll catch it too.
It's better to have it when you're a child for many reasons that you're discovering, and mainly because when you're a child, times runs faster .... =o)

Too late for you though ... sorry ! =oP

And remember : don't take anti-inflammatory medicine or this may damage your brain !
And don't scratch !
Try meditation instead ;o)

Poor Kitewife! :(

AARP stands for the American Association of Retired Persons.

I hear that you can only get shingles after you have had bona fide chickenpox. Apparently, shingles can be brought on by stress, (which my dad's case definitely was) and you can get it more than once. :(

I'm sure I will enjoy this...:`(

Since the virus never truly leaves the body once infected, one gets shingles from the old C.P. virus they got as a child, which will not come out unless the person's immune system falters. Then you get shingles.

*chuckle* reminds me of something Will Rogers said once, during a performance he belched and explained that he had chili for lunch, which is kind of nice because you continue to eat it for a couple of days (the gift that keeps on giving).....sorry, I link odd things up in my mind LOL

I hated the chickenpox so much! I remember I got one right on the tip of my nose.... Ugh Well, I hope you feel better soon.

Sad to hear it, sure if you're capable of moving you could take your mind off the chickenpox with your giant avatar project...

Heh. That's not a bad idea, really, i will have a chunk of free time...if only I'm up to it, I'll work on it.

Yeah just so long as you're up to it... It'll help with any cases of cabin fever aswell...

No problems, I've been trapped in the house before I understand...

the first time I wrote 'I've been trapped in the hose before I understand' lol

Here's a neat story.

When I was in kindergarten (or is that kindergarden?), one student caught the chickenpox. All the parents wanted their kids to hang around that girl, so all of them (the children) would also get affected.

I'm actually surprised there wasn't one nut-job who rubbed their child against an infected.

That's actually quite common, the sooner you get the chicken pox, the better. It's much worse if you get it when you're older.


10 years ago

Well, you have the advantage of knowing what it is. When my brother had chickenpox it was diagnosed as fleas, because he had recently worn an old sheepskin coat in the nativity play/carol service, and of course when I contracted it I assumed the same until a sensible nurse told us what it really was. (That's just one of a catalogue of ridiculously elementary misdiagnoses that contributed to me refusing to see a GP in my old home town and basically not seeing a doctor once for about twelve years, because it appeared that every single doctor in that town was a raging incompetent. Sorry, rant over)

I was probably 10 at the time, and found the scabs itched more than the spots- seriously, if at all possible try not to scratch, I have a scar the size of my little fingernail on my chest and a row of about five little ones on the other side from scratching them. My experience concerning fever etc. is probaby invalid because I was 10 and have never got bad fevers (including viral meningitis, hilarious misdiagnosis #2- flu).

  • You have a point there.
  • I'll try not to scratch.
  • That's bad about your experience!

> I'll try not to scratch.

BTW, if you have long nails, maybe you could cut them short ....... just in case you'd scratch during your sleep =o/

They're already short thanks to a mild compulsion/aversion to long nails. But thanks. :)

It's alright I understand you, for weeks the sister in the doctors had me convinced I had a little throat infection that turned out to actually be quinzy which is from the victorian age and made solids impossible and fulid difficult, sadly the cure was huge antibiotic pills... I refused to go to hospital on the ground that I lived down the road from it, the doctor replied with the whole dying points... My friend got septicemea from the river lagan and it was diagnosed as the flu for about three days, then he was rushed to hospital...

I was once misdiagnosed with Athsma, I was on inhalers for 3 years, then it transpired I only had a cough in the first place.

. Sorry to hear about your mini epidemic. :( If you take care of it, it shouldn't be too bad, just uncomfortable. I hope it doesn't keep you off the computer - that would be terrible. . It could be worse - just ask Goodhart. ;)

Thanks. I think I feel myself getting sick as I type, I'm very very hot and my head feels kinda funny, so I'm going to go now...

I can't really say much. I got it when I was a 1 I think. I went into hospital for an operation, and as they were discharging me, a nurse noticed that I had a rash developing, so literally as I was walking out of the door, they grabbed us back and kept me in for more treatment! That's right, I caught chicken pox in a hospital.

My mom didn't want us to get the injections, either. She is a nurse and she says that they don't test the drugs enough. It may cure it for 10 years, but after that, we may get the, say, pox, but it'd be worse than ever. I already had the 'pox. It's not that bad. Once it's over, you won't have to have it again :-)

Well, it wasn't that she didn't want us to get immunized, it just wasn't FDA approved till we were too old to get it or something. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

Haha, okay! Well, I heard that when you're an adult, it really stinks. I don't know why, though.

Kitewife had chickenpox aged 15 - she had them ... er ... well, she couldn't scratch some of them in company.

She ended up on sedatives to cope with the itch.

Shingles is, basically, adult chickenpox. It's the same virus, but acts differently on adult skin - instead of itch, you get pain. My dad caught it just as we went on holiday to France once, in an old VW camper van. He had it across his neck, so he had to wear a scarf, even in the hot French sun, because the breeze hurt.

Since you're "older than 2" (what's the AARP?), it's probably a toss-up which you'll get - chickenpox or shingles. Enjoy!

(It's probably just as well you cut your nails short - I had it young, and my Mam had to sew gloves on my pyjama sleeves to stop me scratching all the pox off in my sleep)

Wait, how old are you? I heard that the older you are, the more that chickenpox suck. I got them when I was 2, and my aunts brought their kids over to get exposed to them. Better then than later.

But I'm the oldest, so it'll be worse than my sis?


..Just shoot me now...

If you don't scratch the dots (blisters ?), and if you don't take anti-inflammatory medicines (like aspirin), the main worst thing you could get is some heavy cough with strong fever. - don't scratch : you'll avoid scars, and eventual bacterial infections ! - don't take anti-inflammatory medicines : you'll avoid any potential brain inflammation - drink a lot of water : I don't remember why but do that ! - for your skin, don't use creams, gels, talc, perfume, or any product that may increase irritation or risks of bacterial infections - and good luck !

Older than 2!

I'd rather not say, but I'm old enough to drive and too young to join AARP!

"- drink a lot of water : I don't remember why but do that !" Lol! Thanks for making me laugh, and also for the handy tips. :)