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Google boss concerned about privacy?? Answered

One coolest pieces of technology in the hands of independent Makers is the UAV; students and hobbyists can exceed military spec for drones and quadrocopters for a fraction of the cost. 

So it concerns me when Eric Schmidt, head of the company that put millions of people's homes online without asking, and has been fined in several countries for harvesting personal data via wifi, trys to influence American policy makers, invoking the demon called Terrorists Might, so that the use of UAVs is restricted on thd grounds of "protecting privacy".

What say you, Makers?


mage of Eric Schmidtvfrom AP via BBC site. 

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liquidhandwash (author)2013-04-14

Could you image how cool google earth would be if they use drones to photograph the planet?

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Kiteman (author)liquidhandwash2013-04-14

Except the boss of Goohle Earth would complain about the invasion of privacy.

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JamesRPatrick (author)2013-04-13

You can't stop the signal, Mal.

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