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Google photo links don't convert to images Answered

I am creating an instructable (not my first) and I drop a link such as https://goo.gl/photos/irfpL1uLyiwrPopk7 into it but it isn't converted to the image, in the preview it remains as a link.

Does the image only display on publishing or is it something I am doing wrong or is this a bug?


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Kiteman (author)2017-02-03

You need to upload your photos to the site to use them.

If you're following the "how to embed photos" instructable*, the site has been updated a number of times since that was written (4 1/2 years ago!), and I don't think that works any more.


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Microbe (author)Kiteman2017-02-03

Thanks for the response. But I thought by uploading, it just includes the images at the top of a step, not in the body of the step. I will experiment.

Possibly not a good idea to link to a redundant page ;o)

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