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Got a Lego Ice Brick Tray and was wondering if I could make Lego shaped cookies? Answered

Would this work, and if so does anyone have any recommendation recipes that would work in a mold?


Sugar cookies might be your best bet for a first run.
Or cover them in butter cream and fondant for tasty, plastic-looking cookies.

Or royal icing for crunchy, tasty plastic-looking cookies.

Darn it. Now I want cookies.

if u get the right stuff u can remake the mold with a heat resistant substance like they make in those silacone cake molds

Depends what its made out of.  If it's plastic... Ice is the best you can hope for.

If it's silicone you might be able to mold chocolates or make other candy in it, but I wouldn't risk it.  Materials that aren't certified for baking can easily release toxic chemicals into the food.

It's silicone.

Are you saying that just by molding the cookies it might transfer toxic chemicals, or by actually sticking the mold in the oven with cookies in it?

If it's food safe for ice cubes, you'll be fine with molding cookies. It's just the baking part that's questionable.

Then again, most cookies molded before baking will spread into another shape during baking...

I wasn't sure if you were talking about using it as a room-temperature mold or actually putting it into the oven for baking. For room-temperature molding it's probably safe.  As for baking in it...  Silicone generally won't melt/burn at cookie-baking temperatures, but it doesn't mean that some additive won't do something unexpected at 300 degrees.  Why take chances with your food?

On the other hand you can get some food grade silicone and make your own Lego mold and you'll know for sure that its safe.

Peanut or chocolate fudge would be good to try.  Since it's silicone you could even make hard tack candy in it, useing differant colors.  There is all kinds of possibilities for you with this mold.  Jello Lego's, Brownie Lego's, cupcake Lego's,....basicly anything that can be poured in liquid form into the mold would work.