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Got a strange request from a user - should I reply? Answered

Hi, I'm not really sure where to post this but I don't see any other place for this sort of question, so I'm posting here.

I just got a request from a user to do an interview and was going to reply yes but thought I'd check out the user first to see if they were legit. They just signed up today and don't have any history at all. They asked if they could call me on a land-line. I happen not to have one which sort of thwarts the idea all-in-all, but I'm still curious if anyone else has encountered this?


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AriedeB (author)2012-10-04

"Hello, i was watching your profile online and thought "what an interesting person" so i wanted to intervieuw you for my new and super fantastic weekly magasine on teens.
I hope you want to help me out in becoming my first teen to apear in our weekly collumn to show every one how nice it is to be a teen in this turbulent society.
You could help others in becoming more aware off hobby's and trinkect on making your live better and more fun.
So would you join me in a relaxed and non evesive intervieuw?
hope to hear from you soon!
michael J. knowbody."

While writing this i was wearing a smelly T-shirt and a filthy boxershort, hoping a young teen would reply.
A young teen named Amanda Whatever did, i was so happy i could cry!
The conversations started, and soon we had an apointment at my house.
The next day i was busy clean up the mess i made on my carpet and my mind was set on disposing the already choppedup body of this young sweet teenager who thought my name was Michael all the way to the point of no return.
She was so nice, even when she screamed for help the moment she found out i had a big knife ready for her behind my couche.
But alla's, her screams off pure agony where to no help at all.
I spiked her soda pop with something to make her forget how to move, or even think straight.
Weeks later, her parents came on a TVshow to plead for her safe return.
They even said something like "where not mad at you baby, just come home safe and we will forget this ever happend!!!"
O JOY, the tears off those two made me want to do it all over!!!
Maybe next time i'll use a spoon instead of a knife, might be interesting in so many ways...
O my... there are people out there who really think like this and act on there sick fantasy's.
in the beginning of Facebook and all those other sites out there, there where way to much repports on teens going missing and stuff.

If it would be a legit thing, you can, or should be able to find more than enough info and contact information about them, and even than you should be conscious about everything you do with people you just dont know.

Hope your safe and happely at home right now.

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Printy (author)2012-08-23

So just as an update, they seem very friendly, non-invasive, haven't asked for anything from me (number, name, location etc) and are totally ok with just doing a short interview over Skype. After looking into a bit, they seem very legit and I'll be meeting with them Friday. Sounds like it's going to be a fun little experience. Thanks for the advice everyone!

- P

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schumi23 (author)Printy2012-09-12

Out of curiousity, was it legit? Also, is the interview available online?

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craftyv (author)2012-09-01

I'm gobsmacked that you would even consider this request. Any unsolicited contact is to their benefit not yours so think. "What would I tell a child or teen?" The answer would and should be NO. Remember people gain info about you by simply looking at your habits, likes and dislikes, where do you shop and so on. I am very concerned.

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AussieAnglerGal (author)2012-08-18

perhaps talk to "high authority" eg an editor, admin, etc about it first and find out a little about this person? as it is very risky to give out any personal info to someone you have no idea of

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Kiteman (author)2012-08-13

Did they say *why* they wanted to interview you? We do get the occasional student joining to do research on the Maker community.

PM the member's username if you like, and I can look into it.

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Printy (author)Kiteman2012-08-13
Thrasym (author)2012-08-13

If they want to interview you, they can do it through the messaging system. I wouldn't give them ANY personal info, financial, name, address, phone, email, age, etc. NOTHING. It's basic internet safety. It doesn't even matter if they're "legit"...you just do not do it. Period. That includes calling them, because they'll have call display...

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