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Got an email to renew my pro-membership Answered

I got an email to renew my pro-membership, but there a lots and lots of phishing email out there I don't follow links in emails so I went to find out when my pro-membership actually expires and to renew it. I can't find a link on the website to provides me any info here or one to renew. Where is the link?


Did this by the way and it said happy things that I as already a Pro until March 25, 2013. Oh yea, thats tomorrow.

You are lucky I got nothing and they just charged me!

Well, I got a renewal notice but when I signed on I have been unable to find where to go to renew! Kinda defeats the purpose dont ya think? I would renew, I enjoy your site, please send me a good renew link so I can renew. I do not auto renew.
Thanks, I'll be reading.

You say to go here - I did but no where to renew?????
A link to renew would be nice ??????? "M I S" Make It Simple - A link thats says RENEW -

When you go to your You page, there is a tab that says, very clearly, "Pro Membership".