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Got bread machine recipes? Answered

I just bought a "Breadman Ultimate Plus" bread machine. The first loaf turned out ok, but I can get ok at any market for $2.00! Anyone have a recipe or hint that will make home made bread taste more home made? It looks good, but the taste just isn't anything special. Could it be the flour I am using? Should I try molasses, or add eggs?


Try different flours. For day to day sandwich type bread, I mostly use a mixture of half white flour and half whole wheat flour with some ground flax seeds thrown in. (I like using all whole wheat, but hubby likes the mix.) I also like to add finely chopped walnuts or sunflower seeds. Dried cranberries or raisins are nice for variety. Chopped olives, jalapenos, or cheese are also nice additions. I use olive oil for my oil. I use my machine for making the dough for pizza. I haven't purchased bread at the store in a very long time. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Linseeds (flaxseeds) are indigestible unless ground.
You can put any seeds into a food processor or coffee grinder and process until it's meal. Add a little of the flour you will be using to aid processing in a food processor.
This adds the flavor or the seeds, and eliminates the problems with whole seeds..


8 years ago

 I always use olive oil for my oil.  I use honey for my sugar.  And I use flat beer for my liquid.  I find this makes a great sandwich bread.  

Try putting seeds into your bread, linseed, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds all add a lovely flavour. I buy packets of mixed seeds from a health food store and use them mostly with wholemeal bread flour. Hope this helps.

Your seeds..... I tried this and the seeds were hard!... do you chop them?... and when do you put them in... I use a bread maker and put them in at the begining.......any advice?

If you add seeds to a bread machine then it's best to get a fancy machine with "fruit and nut tray". This adds them automatically during the kneading process and stops it from getting rock-hard. But of course, that's extra money needed for the new machine.