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Grammar and spelling. Answered

I hate when people don't spell properly. Or when they have poor grammar. I just hate it when they spell bad. Well I use to be one that spelled badly. What's your take on the bad spelling? Also, I hate it when they say "dude u spell worse than my sister". That just really tics me off.


Rolls up sleeves.

I hate it when people don't spell properly, or when they have poor grammar. I just hate it when they spell badly. What's your take on the bad spelling? Also, I hate it when they say "dude u spell worse than my sister". That just really tics me off.

Apart from all that, I agree ;-)

If nothing else, users should really switch to using Firefox and install the spell-check add-on. It doesn't catch every mistake, but it helps catch typing errors caused by haste.

I forgot to add: it's not just pomposity or pedantry to expect users to post in "proper" English, but it shows respect for those whose first language is not English, and use automatic translation software to access the site. Several times, I have used Babelfish (or similar sites) to translate other languages into English, but the poor spelling or grammar used by the site's authors have made Babelfish render the translation gibberish.

Several times, I have used Babelfish (or similar sites) to translate other languages into English, but the poor spelling or grammar used by the site's authors have made Babelfish render the translation gibberish.

Some french forums make me totally crazy ... No foreigner could actually learn/train/improve french on a french forum like I'm learning/training/improving my english here. Babelfish would be no help.

Honestly, seems to me that American/English kids and teenagers make less spelling and grammar error than French kids and teenagers.

The most common and funny thing I've found with American kids and teens writing, is about punctuation.

About young and old adults, the most common error I've detected so far is : then/than.

I wonder if the quantity of errors into a writing is related to the difficulty of the language, or is related to the quality or to the method of the teaching. What do you think ?

English is awkward anyway, being such a melange of other languages from across Europe and Asia. Many of the words are not spelled phonetically at all, homonyms are killers, and many of the verbs are madly irregular.

I don't think it's the teaching, not in the UK at least. Instead, it's a combination of factors: things like "ur" and "gr8" were forced by mobile phones, when messages were character-limited and texts cost more, then the problem was exacerbated by instant messaging on things like msn, where people need to type as fast as they talk.

Add to that the on-going need of "youth" to have a culture distinct from, and incomprehensible to the elder generation, and you add a layer of deliberate switching of meanings - "sick" is a good thing, apparently.

Finally, there is a much more international facet to the problem - the internet allows anybody to talk to anybody that will answer, and many of those people have English as a second language, plus are far younger than people used to be before they contacted others from other cultures, so words, phrases and abbreviations sneak in to complicate matters.

Or maybe I'm just old - a lexicographic dinosaur, out-evolved by the mutability of modern technologically-literate youth.

Does it help any to tell you that I'm fifteen, and I agree wholeheartedly?

Or maybe I'm just old... I thought that you had firmly stated exactly the opposite, but I guess that'll change in December...

The bottom lineis that proper spelling and proper grammar (reasonably proper) augments communication (assuming we are trying to relay information, one to another).

Makes me want to break out into french educational song *pulls out bong* "Hold on a sec"........ah screw it man, I don't have it in me to sing a french song tonight...


Another time maybe?

French forums aren't so bad, you just have to know a little french, and sound everything out.

The pronounciation of the french language is so skrewd up (Aye dihd tat sew thay wuldn't hunta mea dwn) I mean wonderful. Every other letter is silent, and I'm surprised they didn't invent chatspeak.
Not to mention if you see "b1", you'll think "one", even though its "un", to them, so you wouldn't figure out bien,


That helps a lot.

Although that may seem an assault on the French language, it wasn't meant to be. Anyone saying something bad about your tounge is just bad. I don't mind people calling english bad though -- it is.

I did not see that like an assault on the french language. =o)

I'm pretty sure that if I was not used to the French language, I would find it totally insane ...........

As a french, when I hear or read "french grammar", I immediately think "punishment".

Besides silent letters you mentioned, we do have a lot of different syllables that are pronounced identically or very similarly.

For instance :
- "in", "ain", "ein", and sometimes "en" too
- "en" and "an"
- "é", "ai", "er", "ez" ...

- parlai, parlais, parlait, parlaient, parlez, parler, parlé (different conjugations of the verb "parler" (to speak)) are all pronounced "parlé".

Conjugations is slightly more "diabolical" in french than in english, and we do have more tenses and moods than you do, each one expressing a slight variation or nuance ...

So, when it's not total "gobbledegooks" and/or evil "texting", the most common grammatical mistakes you'll see in french forums are "é" instead of "ai", "er" instead of "aient", "ais" instead of "ez", "ont" instead of "ons", "en" instead of "an", etc etc ... plus the common misspelling that we find in almost languages ... all of that preventing the efficient use of Babelfish and co, and sometime of a simple dictionary ...

So, when you say The pronounciation of the french language is so skrewd up, I reply :
- not just the pronunciation, Zachninme ! ... not just the pronunciation ...


For some reason (If you fixed it) Kiteman's amendments haven't shown up in your original post.

Mostly, I think life's just too short to worry about perfect spelling and grammar on an internet forum posts.

We also have to watch not judging those that might have ad some sort of disadvantage (not necessarily a physical one either). For me, it was an uphill climb from the start of school until about the 5th grade. My Mom had severe loss of hearing in her one ear (75%) and nearly 100% in the other, from her youth. She never got to hear things quite right (and never got sign language training either), so we heard and learned many things mispronounced. This made spelling VERY difficult to learn. Grammar was no picnic either. But, despite this, I feel I do fairly well (at least for being on THIS side of the pond LOL).

that might have ad some sort

It looks as if my "H" key is sticking a bit...*sigh*

When quite young, in the first couple of grades (2nd or 3rd I believe). she came down with the mumps, and apparently they did not have much in the way of treatment at the time, so they progressed to the point of pressing on and doing permanent damage to her eardrums. Her newest hearing aid helps a lot, but it is set all the way up (and is a lot like sitting right next to the speakers at a rock concert) and she just barely gets some of it. It makes communications difficult at times, but not impossible.

While I do not care for inaccurate spelling (and sometimes one can tell if it is from a lack of knowledge or a lack of spell-check use or a lack of typing skills {of which am guilty of} either forgetting to reread one's typing, expecting no mistakes or simply not caring sometimes, when the browser is hicupping) still I am guilty of run-on sentences, overuse of commas & parenthesis's, etc.

I never "just don't care" but rather might not care "at that moment when the browser seems to be sleeping and I am typing and nothing is coming up on the screen", scenario is occurring.

I am pretty tolerant of most people's spelling when making reference to say, cinquain, clerihew, or epithalamium but it does set my teeth on edge to see someone's reference to: your going to be sorry......or it is there own fault *shiver*.

Grammar, I am somewhat lacking in myself at times, but I try not to abuse my lack of knowledge but would rather say things clearly (If I could). On some occasions, for emphasis, I will drop back and punt from Yoda's, subject first, way of speaking...but I try to keep that to a minimum. Any real and sincere attempt to follow the rules of grammar meet my approval.

nd, altho it hz bn shone tht one can undrstnd things abbrvated, tha R a strain to read

I hate when people don't spell good. Good is an adjective, not an adverb. Also, you aren't known for great grammar/spelling in other comments. Its better than average, but its not as good as Kiteman's :P

Well yes, Kiteman is the one who showed me to use grammar and spelling.

. ROFLMAO . While it was understandable (and better than most, including my own), it just wasn't quite up to I-need-to-be-complaining-about-other-ppl standards, was it? . Ppl who live in glass houses ...

I agree... I hate it when people type in shorthand so that you can't understand what they're saying. Although you don't have the best grammar, you're getting better! Keep working on it, and perhaps we should all make a "How to type on Ibles" collaboration.

I hate when people don't spell good.

That's a hard feeling Easy Button.

If one does not tolerate others' mistakes, why others would tolerate one's mistakes ?

Humans are not perfect ... and that's why they should be tolerant, and humble.

How many spelling or grammar error do you count here ? =o)

Or when they have bad grammar.

You spelled Grandma incorrectly, and I don't understand why you are picking on my relatives! Dude u spell worse than my Granddad!


Pat. Pending


10 years ago

bad grammar doesn't bother me too badly, nor a few misspelled words. But i just think it makes people look like an idiot when every word in their sentence has an error.

Your complaining statement has so many errors in it is ridiculous. Don't complain about others spelling and grammar until you have mastered the subject yourself. You have opened yourself up to ridicule.

Yeah and I hate hypocrites


10 years ago

Yeah, i have preatty bad grammar.