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Grand Prize Winners - Halloween 2012 Answered

This is my second year serving as Contest Manager and I am always blown away at the content we get in through our Halloween Contest.  The creativity and craftsmanship that our authors put into their costumes, props, decorations, and food  is truly amazing!  It is the perfect time to shine for any maker and it is easily my favorite time of year to build.

This year we received a whopping 1500 entries!  The editorial team had quite the daunting task of selecting the 2 grand prize winners. I'm excited to announce Stealth Iron Man with Electronics and Servos and the Mikey Costume as the grand prize winners!

The Stealth Iron Man with Electronics and Servos by mizunohadouken took an incredible 8 months to build! Exceptional presentation and use of technical skills including 3D modeling and pepakura, microcontrollers to control costume animation and LED functionality proves this project is a stand out.

The Mikey Costume by dericrw brings the classic TMNT to life!  I've implemented various casting techniques for projects, but my jaw drops when I look at this projects outstanding documentation and use of body casting!  It really transforms the subject into a different character.  The thing I love about this project is it is both aspirational and attainable to your everyday Halloween enthusiast.

Congratulations Mizunohadouken and dericrw for a job well done! 

Contest Manager


It´s a real honor being a Second prize winner with such a great competitors !!Congrats to all the Almighty winners !!

Congratulations!!! :D :D

Awesome job! Congratulations!


5 years ago

Congrats to both of you! You guys really set the bar high for next year. :)

I couldn't agree more with mizunohadouken. Thank you Instructables and the sponsors. What an honor.

I am so surprised and honored for being chosen! Thank you Instructables!