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Gravity water lenses: What's the best material for the water retainer? (cheap and easily available in the market) Answered

Hey all!

I was looking to develop the water lens concept for a wider domestic use. Could you guys recommend some material that could be used for forming the base of the lens? I had thought of using Clear Mylar sheets.



I would think almost anything that is water clear and flexible enough to sag the right amount.

This pretty much limits you to plastics.

Mylar, saren wrap (cling film), poly carbonate (oven roasting bags) are perhaps the clearest.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Is mylar durable against solar fatigue?

Depends on the duration you want.

Mylar is a trade name for PET plastic film.

PET is used to make many products from bottles to Sails. So I guess with the right grade the answer is YES it is UV stable.


Vinyl 'oil cloth' available at fabric stores will be a good choice - very clear, good stretch.