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Great Exhibition 2010 Answered

The Great Exhibition of 2010 was held at London's La Scala nightclub, with over a thousand costumed attendees.

Have a look at the BBC video which won't embed - lots of the stuff we are familiar with through such luminaries as gmjhowe, but other, less traditional imagery as well, especially in some of the costumes.

There is also a slideshow here

My favourites are the actually-steam-powered piano, and the the thunderbuss.


Despite the similarities to the Unnatural Selector, the weapon in question IS in fact called the Thunderbuss, created by model maker Herr Doktor. Here is the link to the construction thread on the Brass Goggles forum: http://brassgoggles.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,12576.0.html

it looks like a wunder waffel from CoD:WaW

oops, i meant Grordbrot, not Grordbot

(See the last word of the topic...?)

 That's normal, only when people do a half-rate job does it become annoying.


Why can't I be British?!

I get the feeling there are just as many steampunkers in the states - why not see if you can find them?

Pfft,  I can't even find any techno-geeks in my immediate area of the states  LOL 

It doesn't help if many people there choose to shun modern conveniences like electricity.

That's only out in the Amish area.   Still, we were using computer punch cards in the late 1990's at work, so some people/busnesses are a wee bit behind.....

Wow, now if only we could get some of these guys on the site...