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Great Series!! Love the Lesson Plan!!? Answered

I want to command the Instructable team on a job very well done with the lesson plan. The instructor is grreat. With her calm and steady voice I have had no problem learning from her. Great job! My question, on milling a pic frame with 4 90 deg corners, how would one machine 1 piece? ? I can see extending the rail and coming back later to cut the 45 deg corners. But I want to finish 1 side complete, after finishing the 4 pieces and glueing up the frame after. With a cnc machine the precision of the rails and corners would be great! I want to trim the 45 deg corners at the same time I mill the shape. Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you Flavio

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Autodesk MakeBest Answer (author)2017-10-13

Thank you for the kind words!

As far as your specific inquiry is concerned, I suggest you visit the Autodesk ArtCAM Forum! Our forum community would be the best place to explore you option in this case.

We hope you are enjoying ArtCAM!

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