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Green Gadgets Design Competition Winners Answered

Core77's Greener Gadgets Design Competition wrapped up last Friday and the first prize went to a couple of friends of ours, Limor Fried from Adafruit Industries and Phillip Torrone from MAKE magazine! Their winning entry was the Tweet-a-Watt, A twittering power meter. Their prize was $3,000 which they donated to Engineers without Borders. Congratulations!

To make the whole event even cooler, one of the three judges was Instructables co-founder Saul Griffith.

It was a roller-coaster ride of a panel discussion at the Live Greener Gadgets Design Competition Judging at the close of Friday's Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City. After a 10-minute overview of some of the notable entries by moderator Allan Chochinov from Core77, the judges--Jeff Kapec of Tanaka Kapec Design Group, Jill Fehrenbacher of Inhabitat, and Saul Griffith of Makani Power--toured the audience through 13 of their favorite projects before deliberating to get things down to the Top 3 (In pre-judging sessions, they were unable to decide on a set of TOP 10). It was a difficult journey, with the audience ultimately chiming in with shout outs, criticisms, defenses, philosophical meanderings, and all the good stuff you would expect from a wonderful, engaged audience.



Congratulations! But what is the point with Tweet-a-watt, how does it help you and make you more green???

@comodore - by tracking and reporting all of your power usage (and sharing it via twitter, facebook, etc) you can see when and where you're using the most power. perhaps you'll turn lights off more, set timers, move the fridge out 1 foot, try other dryer cycles, etc etc - social pressures and social rewards can get you thinking about your personal power usage and as you replace equipment you'll also see power reduction. we think part of many "green" gadgets will be a reporting feature --- and we showed how to do this, how to make them and we released it in the public domain (and donated the money to engineers without borders).

OK! I see, and come to think about it, it sounds like a very good thing having this around the house keeping track... I my self am a, how I would like to call my self, green inventor.... :D I desine, prototype, make and build thing that make energy, use less energy, green transport... and being a green inventor you really have to know a lot in every field..electronic, physic, chemistry, enginering..and much more... I use a lot, almost all of my free time making, planing and thinking about new green gadgets and I barely find the time to make an Instructables... Glad I met you! Cheers! Thanks!

It was nice that they donated their prize - well done!

Awesome, Congratulations to the winners !