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Green Led voltage? Answered

I picked up some green leds at a surplus store today. I've been assuming that they run on 1.7 volts, is this about right?



6 years ago

I suggest it is better if you buy newer models because it has lower voltage drop. Some green led's may be 30mA, some are 20mA but the minimum voltage is 2.1V so gyromild is correct about 2.2V

No, a green LED normally has a forward voltage of between 3.0-3.8 volts. To be precise, you might want to use a multimeter.

nononono, green LED's are generally 2.1 volts, if you want to test it's voltage though some green LED's can be all the way up to 3.1 volts. Whenever ur testing with a ptentiometer when it gets brighter and brighter and then all of aa sudden really bright then you know that your going over the rated voltage/current.

My bad :(
Red= around 1.7v
Green= around 2.2v
Thanks guyfrom7up.

yeah... guy from 7up is right. Green Led's are 2.1V 20mA. Here is a source

most leds (normal, not ultra bright) use about 2 volts and 20 milliamps.