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Green Living Answered

Hey guys, what are you all doing to live green and lessen your environmental impact?


vegan - no to animal products in food or any other stuff walking a lot reuse whatever i can (buy less trash less) in summer : use energy efficient lights and pentium 3 computer (uses less energy than today beasts) in winter : i dont mind killing electricity cause it is all wasted to heat and parents need heat anyway. the 3 ghz pentium is really good heat spreader and its effect is noticable (often to the extent where parents forget to turn on the real heater) a word about incandescents : think how much energy and resources are needed to make them vs a cfl. in the winter i think incandescents are greener than cfls cause their heat is useful (and the amount of energy is then saved in the heating system)

The government used to officially advise poverty-stricken old folk to heat their rooms with 100W bulbs running under terracotta plant-pots. Not warm enough to be comfy, but warm enough to stop them dying of hypothermia.

doesnt the very same gov ban the very same incandescents ?

They have now - the advice was given out pre-CFL bulbs.

Well I've never been one for taxis and public transport, it's not cheap so I walk and cycle most places, probably helps a bit... No incandescents, fairly small power usage dent made by me, my brothers though... I've got a few experiments on the go at the minute, need to gather info on that one and another involving showers... Actually attempting a lot of stuff can be difficult depending on where you are... One thing I do is not bother with the heating, it's on the summer setting for what looks like the rest of winter, mainly because it's complicated to change and I can just throw on a jacket...