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Green car mod roundup Answered

Treehugger has a nice roundup of mods that people have made to their cars to make them more efficient or run on alternative fuels. They even included the Honda Accord that runs on trash in the list, which is pretty cool. Other mods include wood-burning cars, biodiesels, wood-burners, solar-power, hydrogen, and aerodynamic enhancements. Check out the link for the slideshow.

Note: there are 17 slides, not 17 cars.

17 DIY Cars Hacked for Fuel Efficiency


that's the guy from mother earth news, and i believe that car is "Max"


8 years ago

Some of these cars' creators really need to google "Kamm back."

Heck yeah. Though, it really only looks good on old Italians. Not Japs, like these cars.(not the really old one)

Woohoo! first view.