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Ground Penetrating Radar Answered

I am looking for any information regarding Ground Penetrating Radar (or GPR). I am a newbie to this type of tech and was hoping the someone may know of a basic reference manual or other sources that could contribute to building one from the ground up at reasonably little cost. Also, I am looking specifically for something in the high frequency range - good resolution at minimal depth. The hardware side is more important although any advice/resources on the software to interprete the data wouldn't hurt. Thanks in advance! By the way, my user name(just created and second guessed) has nothing to do with being dug on digg, or anything to do with digg for that matter - just thought it had a nice ring to it... Thanks!



I once had some similar questions and found a company out of Alabama that specializes in ground penetrating radar. I picked up the horn and gave them a call. I don't know if it was southern hospitality or what but I must have talked to them for a good hour or so. Very knowledgeable and helpful.


10 years ago

Sooner or later I might post an instructable about metal detectors, whenever I get around to making them, if they work. One of my designs is like ground penetrating radar (but not microwave frequency).

It has been tough to find any technical information on how to build gpr - it seems there is a lot more out there on metal detectors. I am assuming it is pretty technical and complicated to do. From what I have read there has to be very tight synchronization between the receiving antenna and sent signals and that it is measured in nanoseconds usually. Also, there has to be shielding from background emissions, etc. This is all before finding some way to interprete the results into something meaningful. Argg. I don't even know how to start with the hardware... I would be curious about what you are working on with the gpr-ish metal detector and if it could be configured for short range high resolution. 1000 mhz or so.... thanks

I haven't started yet so I don't know what will work. I don't expect it to have high resolution for taking pictures. For range, I'm hoping for my backyard and the location of any metal. The idea would be "gpr-ish" and unlike other metal detectors because it would use a pulse generator and a separate detector.

I'm interrested about that too ... THinking about a mean to detect mines, shells et al.

. For a DIYer, sonar might be easier and less expensive.