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Grundig TV doesnt power up ! Answered

Hi everyone. I am new in this area, mention that I have the basis of electronics but I'm not good debugging. Now let's cut to the chase: I have a Grundig T70 - 540 text / GB, with chassis CUC 5310 (GCT 28 - do not know what this is, but may help). When I turned on the TV smelled burned and I quickly turned off from the button (the general). I opened, I checked visual components that can burn resistance, a capacitor etc, but I noticed nothing. I checked, because of the short time, the fuses on the board (I know, mistake). After i start the TV from general inside i hear a ticking, as the clock and nothing happens, the TV remains off. May it be the sound for entry in protection or something? What could it be?


If I am not entirely mistaken this is still a CRT TV and no flatscreen.

An upgrade would be recommended in this case.

As the circuits in it are "old school" you could try to find some shematics or even the repair manual and check for the voltages and signals on the testpoints.

I'm afraid there is no easy fix for your problem as you can't indicated the source of the obviously burnt out part(s).

Unless you have some deep emotional attachment to the TV give it an honouring burial and move on to something modern.

Chances are an IC burned out on you. There may not be any physical indication to point which IC it was. So you have no way to know which one it was or if other parts where affected. The tub itself may be bad as well. No way to tell without better knowledge and some pricy test equipment.