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Guerilla Knitting Answered

There is a lot more knitting out there beyond the standard stitching that is crazy and wild and even a bit subversive. Some of it is called knit graffiti like at knittaplease.com and some of it just likes to be more playful and make bizarre and fun new objects. In San Francisco there was a guy who would wrap abandoned bikes and bike locks with thick and chunky yarn. It was a beautiful way to reclaim what was a pretty grim reminder that bike theft is prevalent here.

I may not be compelled to learn how to cast on and make some stuff of my own, but you have to respect the people who feel compelled to take the craft and keep on running with it.

To find out more, check out this article on we-make-money-not-art.com to read some history, watch a video discussing current issues, and see some cool examples of the styles.


*snort*.... knittaplease.com

if you don't get it, it's from the phrase "(censored) please.

Must be some cultural reference I'm missing here...

"N-word, please. " It's a US phrase found in hip-hop and rap.

Ah - 16 years in the US, and I'd never run into that term. Can't say I've really missed it either. ;-)

It is the "racist" word for black people, which black rappers use in their music all the time. But if white people use it, be prepared to be flamed.

Probably. But I've never said words like that, so I wouldn't know. Actually I had a friend today tell me I was essentially too polite.

You know, I like the cool new (and non-destructive) variations on graffiti that are coming up, but I always think in the back of my mind, "Man, that's a big waste of time." It's harmless enough, though, so I guess if you get your jollies with public "art" then so be it. I'm down with video games myself. Mmmm. Psychonauts.

It's a matter of priorities. If you're playing video games, then you don't have a strong leg to stand on there and I do love the occasional great game. Wasn't too into Psychonauts, but that's another looong discussion.

Personally, I love it. There are a few people out there that make great stuff that's only up for a few days, if that, but the transience makes it even more beautiful.

I guess I feel that the graffiti is more about getting attention than entertainment. There's something about fame-seeking that I find distasteful. So there's nothing really solid about my stand, just preference, I guess.

I think you'll find it pretty difficult to extract attention getting from entertaining. What's so bad about seeking fame for doing something well and with some humor to it? Sounds like a good reputation to me. When it comes to most graffiti where much of the goal is solely to get one's name out there by making it in huge letters and using the excuse of beautifying the city, then yes, that's a load of crap.

Yeah. I suppose so. So, I don't really want a LOOONG discussion, but I just started playing Psychonauts last night (it was fun) and I've heard many good things about the game. Can you give me a sentence about why you're not too fond of it?

"Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty."

I would love to see the faces of the seamen that find the hook to tie their ship up with is covered with yarn! It looks very neat!

Or is it yarrrrrrrn? Right, my bad pun quota is filled for the day.

See a punny, pick it up, and all day you'll have good luck!

Gorgeous! I really love this idea. I wonder if I should start wrapping all my failed starts at knitting around random things. I could cover half of Louisville. ... I'm really thinking I need to take up crochet instead. :P