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Guess the album ? Answered


This is a very, very long shot . . . 

When I was young I bought a second-hand record  originally from the 70's  or very early 80's . . .  I have no idea what happened to it but almost weekly I think about how to hear it again . .  I have stopped myself from asking in Answers for several years but today is the day.

As far as I remember it had an album cover with a plain beige border, inside the border was a drawing of an art nouveaux type woman woman with flowing clothing.
The theme was all Hari Krishna but not an actual Hari Krishna record.

Lyrics such as  " there is a distant place called sweet something,  where silent  something something, . . .  Beneath a snowy ocean lying wide lies something something . . . " there was a lot of Govinda going on.

I've tried looking for album cover on Google images.
I've tried typing in all the lyrics that I can remember.
No luck . . . any ideas anyone.

And, no, it's not Kula Shaker, although I do actually like that track.

Thank you


Wow, that is a cool album . . I'm loving it . . but it is not the one . .. the woman, as I remember was full figure , not just a headshot , . . .. thanks for introducing me to something great . . . .

Dear Kiteman,

I remembered a couple more lyrics . . . these two extra words were enough to give the googles a chance and I found it . . . after all these years . ... the actual cover was only vaguely as I remembered . . but your album matched exactly what I described.

many thanks.



How much can you remember about the album cover? Was it a line drawing, a painting? colourful or mono? I'm really struggling to think of anything, probably need a bit more to go on. If you can recall some more lyrics (even if it's just the odd word), fire away.

All I can think of that even comes close to your album description is the Supremes, but that's not exactly Hari Krishna!


Dear Thirdearthdesign,

I tried to remember more lyrics for you . .. . and remembered a couple more words . . . these two extra words were enough to give the googles a chance and I found it . . . after all these years . ... the cover was only vaguely as I described . .

many thanks.

it was

Shazam, somehow? I have no idea.