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Guidance on making a model rocket engine?

First, I've seen both potassium nitrate and ammonium nitrate being used in rocket fuel. What are the differences?

Second, how much temperature does a rocket nozzle need to withstand? Would JB Weld work for the nozzle?

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iceng (author)2014-09-28

Rocket nozzles are used once and made out of kitty litter impact hammer pressed between two steel shaped forms.

Still looking for the pointer for you.

iceng (author)iceng2014-09-28

rickharris (author)2014-09-28

Look to the right hand side - several projects to do this. >>>>>>>>>>>

Vyger (author)2014-09-27

Your dealing with some pretty dangerous stuff,

Ceramic or clay is what is used for a nozzle. Look at the business end of common fireworks. Epoxy burns. Try it, put a torch to it and see what happens.

mykiscool (author)Vyger2014-09-27

Ok. Thanks for the blow torch suggestion. That's a good way to proof test things.