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Guide for N00bs Answered

Add what all n00bs should know before talking to anyone or even going out into the public, sunlight... Or the rock they came from. 'also programing language and formally called: broken english... engrish


Yewhat? you want a noob guide, for what? everything or a noob guide for getting the bus and buying groceries...

i wnt a guide 4 n00bs s0 i dnt hve 2 sit at my comp delng wth lamers who dsnt know wtf "lol" means. "iykwim"

The fact that you said: Lamers delng dsnt n00bs wtf 4 wnt and iykwim makes you so damn sad... You're a noob at the english language...

No I just wanted to make an example. I am perfectly legible when I don't write in "leet". I think people use these as acronyms for typing and texting so they can say more with less words. (a year ago I would of needed this) i have a B+ in English

That isnt leet. It's just "engrish"... crap in other words. 7|-|15 15 1337 101

I was just making a joke, noob at the english language is one of those things, it doesn't really make sense... I honeslty think there's no problem texting and using msn like that but when there's no hurry why bother...

I know. i am an really good comeback artist where i live. I get BS all the time. lol <- i added that to the dictionary

Ah yes the dreaded lol, it's fairly accepted like, but it drives me up the walls...

Indeed cos we're elite Hackers that spell and pronunciate with perfection every time we commit a piece of written material to the interweb, being so impressive with or psychologically unstable skills...

yeah I know, try writing the way l77ts talk, god they just sound stupid even with the proper language.

That is an unnecessary requirement, since it is site policy to use correct grammar and spelling (in whatever language you happen to be using). "Leet" is neither, in any language, so should not be used on this site (at least, not in ibles, videos, slideshows or the opening post of a thread).

I second that- life noobs should go through the process of having experiences and thereby building up an internal representation of the world and how you may interact with it.

Instructables noobs should
a) lurk (see what are acceptable Instructable topics, what gets flamed out or removed, the general level of comments etc.)
b) Read how to create a great instructable. Read it well. Write some comprehension questions and try to answer them. Write the section headings on a piece of paper and stick it on your wall. Use eldritch mind trickery (or mnemonics) to burn the concepts therein into your brain. Then write an Instructable (if you have something Instructable-worthy).
c) Before you even start your first instructable, take some pictures of small things close up until you are confident in taking clear and well-focused pictures with your imaging device of choice at close range. As appears to be becoming a mantra round these parts, the little flower button is your friend.
d) Search instructables for instructables about instructables. Plenty of people have written how-to guides about how to use the funky text formatting stuff in comments boxes and so on.
e) Don't spam. There are clear rules on what should be in an instructable, people won't hesitate to flag you for spam if you are just trying to sell something or pimp out your work. Note, there are clearly marked areas in the forum for you to sell something or pimp out your work.
f) Be nice to people and give constructive comments and we will all be one big happy family.
g) Not your personal video-sharing site. 'Nuff said.

That's all I can think off for now.
That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Don't Capitalize Every Single Word In Every Sentence You Ever Type. DON'T WRITE IN ALL CAPS. Don't use 5 million exclamation points!!!!!! dont forget punctuation and capitilization because it is hard to read if you just keep going on and on and on without any stops in the sentence Don't write stuff like: like i have this one friend who the other day he did this really cool awesome thing but i forget what it was so um yeah just so you know lol...