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Guitar Pedals/ Stompboxes Answered

I was thinking that this site needed more guitar pedals/ stomp boxes on here, what about you guys? Feel free to post any. I mean, they could be very useful for some people, including myself.


i'm looking to build a stompbox like the one below but need a wiring diagram. only one switch on at ant time

selector switch 800.jpg

I think there should be more too ..I've been looking for a Instructable on one and there ain't many

i'd like to learn how to make a wah pedal. im sure there instructions somewhere

WE NEED MORE!!!!! (we also need a distortion pedal that goes to 12)


10 years ago

We could use more--but there are TONS of builds and schematics on the web. Maybe people are holding back because their projects aren't original designs.

Still, rehashing an existing idea would still be valid--many useful instructables do that.