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Guitar Song. What da you think? Answered

This is an original composition of mine. Hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback. Thanks, Paul



I really like Clapton. I'm not into a ton of rock but I really like fingerstyle blues. Kelly Joe Phelps is an amazing player. Kelly Joe Phelps Website I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Hi, I have been talking to your brother, and I am highly interested in purchasing your music...

O wonderful. Thank you for your interest. I'm thrilled that someone would actually like to give me money for my music. Anyway, I'm not sure what to do about this. We can go about this several ways. A. You can send me like a dollar or something in the mail and I can send you an email or a CD with the track on my brother's video. B. I do not have any CDs out but I'm working on a new track. (The one above) That will be edited with full instrumentation in weeks to come. That will have two tracks. I am already starting recording for another song bringing me to tracks. The bottomline is that it depends on your demand for a copy of my tracks. Now I really would like to be able to trust you to know that no plagerizism or anything would go around. I don't want to seem like a paranoid jerk, but there are some creeps out there scheming to steal peoples music. Tell me what you like and I can most likely accommodate your wishes.

Pretty good. You're not Carlos Santana, but then no one is Carlos Santana, so that's a pretty dumb comparison.

One suggestion: buy one of these, build one of these, and let us hear what you're playing! You sound like you're sitting waaaaaaay too far from the microphone.

Thanks for the advice. I'll take that into consideration next time I film. I actually record a lot using a condenser mic and a nice recording space but I didn't really feel like whipping all that out. This was my first take and I just wanted to put something up.

Nice! It sounds good for an acoustic (more of a hendrix fan, and that style)

Hey, thanks man. I actually play a lot of electric and Hendrix at that. My favorite its little wing. Should I post a video? Or do you know that already?

I know it! well she's walking through the clouds with... Yep, I know it! My favorite is voodoo child

Yeah. thats a great song. Have you heard Stevie Ray Vaughan's version? Its amazing. I think that SRV mastered Voodoo Child.

personal opinion, i like acoustic when its played on the lower frets. but thats just me.

i can see where you are coming from. I do a lot of fingerpicking and stuff on the lower frets. Maybe Ill post a video.

this is my time machine schematic, what do you think? lol jk, but i think youtube is still processing

Looks like the video is waiting to be processed by youtube. I think you embedded it right.