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Guitar pedal audio splitter? Answered

Hello everybody. I need some advice on something I have on my mind, but I lack the knowledge to make.

I have a guitar pedal, to which I added a 3.5 mm audio out to plug my headphones to. Now, I'd like to have an audio in jack, to which I could plug my PC, and listen to the base track while playing. 

I think this should be very simple to add, but you never know. 

Can somebody give me some schematics to follow? Thanks a lot :)


So you want to listen to the guitar through the pedal and have audio from the PC on the headphones? Easy. All you need is a a y splitter. One like this:


You may need an extension cable to go from one of the 3.5mm jacks to the PC but that's all you really need. Green can go to the pedal and the red can go to the PC or vise versa. Either way the audio from both sources will go to the headphones.

How do Y splitters work? Are the channels in series or in parallel? I'd like to make it on my own.

Since the whole thing has to be portable, I'd like to have just an 'audio in socket' on the pedal. I always have an AUX cable with me, so this would be better.

All right, I've drawn the circuit. Is this right?

Would 4.7 kOhm resistors be better?


3 years ago

You plug headphones to your Gpedal and now want an audio-in from the PC to mix with the pedal ( YES ? )