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What airsoft guns do you have? I am getting a echo 1 g36c and I have a cheap springer


CYMA Ak 74u with the following upgrades:
g&g bearing spring guide
SHS Al cylinder head (teflon taped, mouse pad foam used to correct AoE.)
Systema bucking ( internals removed, roteted 90*, whiped with dental floss)
g&p explosive piston head (O-ring expanded)
SHS Piston
Deans plugs
9.6v 2/3 amp elite battery
Madbull m120
O-ring nozzle of unknown brand ( slightly shortened, it was to long)
Also the usual diy mods: Barrel spacered with e-tape. Reshimed/relubed. Tappet plate sanded. Cylinder polished.

16 rps, 404 +/- 2 fps, 14" grouping at 180 feet. at last measurement.

I have my smith and wesson m&p that I already said but about 5 days ago I got an ics mp5 from a guy for around 70$ less than the regular price and it is a full metal upper receiver

 wow bro. thats a really good deal. you should enjoy that haha


8 years ago

A couple of months ago, I got a cheapish (around 100 dollars) gas blowback.  It's an HFC M9, in full metal and with an option of fully automatic firing.  I probably should have gotten the KJW model of the M9, but I ended up with the lesser-respected HFC because of the full-auto feature.

 yeah. hfc deff always seemed cool. but i saw people with them, and they break pretty fast. but they're SO cool haha

I have a smith and wesson m&p 40 co2 airsoft pistol. it is pretty sweat

Well i have a crossman r36 a smith @ wesson 4505 and a crossman p30 wich my dad dropped and was converted into a airsoft greande launcher. But in a couple days im gettinga m14

sweet, I'm getting a kjw m1911 tactical w/ OD grips for my birthday on the 17th (15)

it is amazing, I love it. I got 2 mags for it, and I got a tactical vest too... i went to an op, and I was against 2 snipers, my g36 hicap had broke, so I borrowed someone's midcap, ran out of ammo, I pulled out my pistol, fired 10 shots to keep the snipers' heads down, then I took a guy who was flanking me out, fired some more, swiched mags, emptied that one, and had no ammo...I was then charged upon by three guys who shot me on full auto for about thirty seconds...lol it was a great day, and I get to go to a night game on the ninth too!

oh thats good cuz some are a lot of money i wish my parents though would let me get another airsoft gun once i have the money but they say thats alls a buy i buy bbs also =)

lol...It broke again...oh well, I'll just get another

300 fps walther p99 with a two-compartment clip and olive-drab paintjob.

IT's my birthday today!!!! I get to go load out, and tomorrow, I go to OP: bad karma and play (124 person game)

If one of the guns you're getting is a pistol, then you should take out the part at the back of the barell so you can field-strip it quicker if it gets jammed.

the part 'at the back of the barrel is the hop up, It adjusts bb trajectory....don't want to take that out...but who really needs that much distance with a pistol

on my p99, it's the slide release. i always take it out cause i can take the gun apart quicker if it gets jammed.

does anyone know how to fix a busted clip? something happened with the clip on my berreta elite II and it won't shoot the last bb.

Take the clip apart and put it back together (same thing happened to me)

It may have "bend-in" tabs. If so, be careful taking it apart. Otherwise, i'd just use that one as a spare clip. I don't know much about airgun clips, but I've dealt alot with clips for 9mm ans .22s.

ah, ok, There are not that many high end p99s, actually, I can think of only one, the maruzen...

mine isn't a maruzen and i don't even know what brand it is cause my friend gave it to me (it doesn't say on the gun). he got it at some sporting goods store that was selling an AEG that came with a pistol so he gave the p99 to me.

if it has walther trademarks, its actually made by the real steel company walther, as a fully licensed replica. it could be spring, gas, or electric, I've seen all of them at sports authority, though I would NEVER think of buying airsoft stuff there.

i have a mini panther a 15 a crossman stinger shotgun i used to have a spring pistol

I have an echo 1 g36c too

actually... I havent gotten it yet. a guy is coming to buy my gas motor scooter today. I will use the money to buy the e1 g36c, a smart charger, and some ammo, and some other accessories if I can afford them

that sounds awesome. any other reccomendations u need?

airsoft is my life.lets see,ihave a g36 sniper,a spring colt 1911,and an ak47.im gettin a berreta 9mm for my birthday,and a shotgun and a thompson for christmas.and when i get the money,im goin to airsoft smith in colunbus,ohio and loading out on gear.

cool! I really want a gas blow back, they are awesome, but expensive, airsoft gi has player packages with various gas guns, silicon oil, bbs, and a propane adaptor, so thats cool, what brand g36 is it?

classic army.one of the only brands to trust.i also got a charger for an old broken gun i have.it works now,but i'll probably keep it out of wars and just use it to plink small animals and that damn neighbor dog.

I was looking at the kjw m9, do you have any previous experience with this gun? cause it looks cool, just wanted a second opinion, (I may get it from christmas money) if i have enough $

well,i dont think you should get it unless you have checked other prices other places.i have had some dealings with this gun(i had to borrow it from my friend when my bat ran out)and if you want to get this gun then go ahead,but get extra magazines!i ran out way too fast.i liked the gun.wat price are you gettin it for?

IDK... I am also looking locally first, though I do not know what tactical airsoft arena has there, so I have to check... I will shop around first, for me, the ideal setup will probably be
a star (*)= I already have it

E1 g36c*
some gbb, idk what yet
Camo bdu pants
earth tone shirt/sweatshirt *
some mags (maybe ~4 for g36 midcaps, and 2 gbb clips)
a hip holster with a spot for a pistol clip
a tactical vest
of course, a mask*

any suggestions for specific brands, ect.? (for vests, holsters, pistols, mags...)

gbb?i sugjest fidragon for holsters and vests.my tactical vest is fidragon.as for pistols id suggest a green gas blow back berreta like im gettin.its $99.and im gettin xtra mags for it.never buy cybergun accesorys,i have a drop-leg holster from them and its labled 'swiss arms'.it sucks.you could also get a glock as a side arm.they are really reliable.

cool, thianks, I will probably buy locally, maybe a kjw m9...

lol I was at tactical airsoft arena in rockville, Md a while ago, they have a video of the day I was playing on utube I am in it as the guy with the ak beta at 2:29, though I shot a e1 g36c most of the day, it is an awesome gun. at the end of the vid, my friend shot the yellow guy, who has no shoes on, it was the last game of the day, and he was an employee at the place. we all joke about that now

420fps full medal mp5 W/ laser scope & full meadle oozie w/ extended ammo clip!!