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Guns To Check Out Answered

Cool guns to check out: The Jamalam's battle rifle. Why should I? Do you want a k'nex gun that has an awesome hold, great distance, cool magazine, and working bolt? Well if you do, The Jamalam's assault rifle is perfect. Another one, is the SR-V1 by killer-k. This gun has intricate slingshot design, and very powerful range. This is definitely recommended in a k'nex battle along with all the others. I mean come on! It looks like a sniper (duh!), feels like a sniper and shoots like one too! Also, another one is Gorkem's sniper rifle. It is a awesome, sturdy, powerful choice. It is an awesome sniper. I love it, and it is filled with cool features like, a great stock, a ridiculously cool barrel, and an awesome loading system. A cool one is the fn-scar k'nex gun. It has good ratings, a cool gun, a nice system, and overall good and reliable. Last but not least everyone please watch my crome eagle rifle slideshow and say to post or not. Just type in: Crome Eagle k'nex gun slide show. I give credits to all of the guns I mentioned and am a big fan of them, well... bye!



Almost all those guns are outdated, there are much better, newer ones like the TR, ZKAR, SR-V2, and Wrectangle. They are still considered decent guns, but there are better. As for your first gun, it looks like a great effort for a first gun, If you wanted to make it even better I would suggest making it longer and widen the gap for the handle.

All of these are old guns and most of them are junk.

They aren't truly junk.  They are just outdated, and without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.  I like to refer to such guns as "Classical" guns.

Plus, he has only been a member since the 6th of this month, so he has probably not seen most of the guns here.

That's not necessarily true. I joined March 5th, 2009. But I was building Knex, and hanging around the site since about September of 2008.

Well junk is not what I meant.  I was trying to say,(like you are) that these are old guns and junk by todays standards. I get what you are saying though.

Screw today's standards, 2007 is 2007.  You can't just keep up with the future.

They're junk by today's standards. And some of them were junk when they were posted.

I don't consider these guns 100% junk.  Just outdated like I said above.  Without those "junk" guns, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Ok, this is an irrelevant advertisement for a load of old weapons that everyone moved on from a few months ago at least.

Did you just come fresh from the stone age or something?  We now have better guns, like the knexsayer, BR's, AR-4's ZKAR's, and so on.  SR-v1 is outdated and replaced by the more reliable SR-v2 model.  Gorkem's sniper rifle has been topped years ago. 


8 years ago

 Wow. All those guns are horrible. Where have you been? Oh, and to clear something up: TheJamalams' rifle does NOT use a working bolt.