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Guys who knit Answered

I'm a guy, and I knit. Is anyone else a guy who knits?


I tried to learn to knit, but I don't have the patience for it. I sew all the time (just altered a couple of skirts for my wife yesterday, in fact) but knitting was not my cup of tea. I love the projects in "Knitting With Balls" though.

I'm fixing to learn how to sew and knit, if my sister will show me how

Sorry I got sidetracked. I can sew a little bit but not really good. But no I don't knit but I am going to learn

Just wanted to comment that I think it is awesome some of you guys enjoy sewing or knitting.  It is therapeutic for anyone.


8 years ago

My Gran tried teaching me long ago.  It wasn't one of my natural talents.

i don't currently knit, but i have. the wife (girlfriend at the time) decided she wanted to start knitting. of course the entire process befuddled her and she got REALLY stressed out about it so i had to learn to knit to show here what she was doing wrong. of course, the fact that i could knit better than she could only made her anger worse (and a LOT more directed at me) so i quit.

i do know how to knit fishing/trawling nets though. that's something i learned from my grandpa.

and i sew well enough to re-stuff all the decimated dog toys rolling around the house

I tried, but I am terrible.

#2 son can knit, but prefers duct tape.

Arrrrrrrgh, arrrrgh, sorry, I only sew.