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HATZ Answered

So, some people like wearing and/or collecting hats. Show us your headgear! Here are my favorite hats. The first is an Indiana Jones fedora, the second a NZ made oilskin, and the last is a circa 1989 Soviet Air Force officer's hat. I'm in the market for a leather pilot cap...


YMCA du dudududud YMCA-AYE

I have a couple of hats I like on the fedora/stetson theme, which I wear virtually everywhere. They're utilitarian. They keep off the rain and sun and chicks totally dig them (it's true!). I also got a ridiculous fox-fur hat at a yardsale a couple of years back. It is ridiculous. Chicks do not totally dig it, but it keeps you warm

Ambedexterity 008.jpgSteam Powered 2.jpgHat 001.jpgHat 002.jpg

I found a hat sorta like that in my friends garage. It definitely wasn't the same kind though but it was awesome

My two director's hats (I've worn one of the two every time I directed a short film), a Russian officer's hat (given to me by a friend who lived in Ukraine for a while), and (if it can be considered a hat) my DIY ghillie mask.


9 years ago

Hats don't get along with my hair very well. Perhaps I'll post some pictures for entertainment value...

I look really bad in hats. And sunglasses.

I do too... Especially when I'm in pictures of me in hats and/or sunglasses...

lol i allways thought your hat (from the avatar) is like witch / wizard' hat with pointy tip here is mine (made of clear red hat with permanent marker and duct tape)


I LOVES IT! I would like to make one of those!!!!!!

Carhartt hat i got for free :D

True that, but that first one comes close! whatever it's called...

Oh barnacles, I forgot to flip the first one.

Safety headgear is essential...

#2 son agrees...

I'll try to post a few later. I Used to have a couple like your first one. I eventually wore them out.