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HDMI to USB convertor Answered

hello guys....this is my first time writing anything on this forum...........actually i.ve bought a Plasma Tv (Panasonic TH-P42X20V) Which has no USB interferance...........there r 3 HDMI ports only...If, i have to watch something on TV through HDMI..i have to connect my laptop to the TV....which makes things running same at a time...

i wanted to play music and HD movies through USB. but there is no USB option.......and i did'nt found any cable or convertor. which solves my problem.......i wanted to use one of my HDMI port as USB.

can it be possible.. plz plz plz help me out.

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rbneville (author)2012-04-12

You will have to get a media box. You can find them for under $50. Search for Satechi Cyclone Micro, it is one of the least expensive ones, although I can't vouch for the quality. Remember you get what you pay for.

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lemonie (author)2012-02-29

You can't do this, forget about it and think of a better solution.
You don't make things clear, but I get an idea that you want to feed video from the laptop which has no HDMI-out? Or you want to feed the TV HDMI-out into the laptop?


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