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HDMI to USB convertor Answered

hello guys....this is my first time writing anything on this forum...........actually i.ve bought a Plasma Tv (Panasonic TH-P42X20V) Which has no USB interferance...........there r 3 HDMI ports only...If, i have to watch something on TV through HDMI..i have to connect my laptop to the TV....which makes things running same at a time...

i wanted to play music and HD movies through USB. but there is no USB option.......and i did'nt found any cable or convertor. which solves my problem.......i wanted to use one of my HDMI port as USB.

can it be possible.. plz plz plz help me out.


You will have to get a media box. You can find them for under $50. Search for Satechi Cyclone Micro, it is one of the least expensive ones, although I can't vouch for the quality. Remember you get what you pay for.

You can't do this, forget about it and think of a better solution.
You don't make things clear, but I get an idea that you want to feed video from the laptop which has no HDMI-out? Or you want to feed the TV HDMI-out into the laptop?