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HELP !!!!! BORED !!!! Need Problems! Answered





Thanks. This reminds me of a job I quit because of the onset of TF, or somethin like it. The finger issue cleared itself up, but I've forgotten some of the engineering solutions I had in mind to take some of the gruntwork out of that grunt job.

You can have my problems! LOL

Try to turn off your computer and walk outside. Greet your neighbors, smile and wave. Take a deep breath. Look at the sky. Appreciate the trees and the flowers. If you learn to appreciate small things you will never get bored.

Sometimes it would be nice to trade problems for a while!

I like the suggestion. Sometimes I go for a walk and kinda play Sherlock holmes, What caused what...


2 years ago

Hi, Toga_Dan,

I saw your post of needing problems. I hope mine is one that interests you and that you can help me solve. I posted it in the "Burning Questions". This is the title


Please have a read and tell me what you think, or even better, if you can tell me how to accomplish this (step by step would be appreciated), that would be SUPER!



I've now commented with some suggestions on that thread.

Sorry, not in the form of a question.

Heheh. yeah! I posted this last night, and some glitch prevented me from posting any content. Just the title. so.... that was a problem, but one I was ill equipped to tackle. Anywho... there have been times that folks post lotsa good questions on this forum, and it seems a bit dry lately. I kinda miss saying "yes, I know howto fix your 1837 Desoto. first get a left handed monkey wrench...

This is the quietest part of the Instructables year, and the forums tend only to be populated by The Usual Suspects - presents are all made, tools and workspaces are tidied away to make space for trees, and people are spending time with their families.

Wait until the new year, when people can't figure out how to fix their new toys, are looking for ideas to make with their new tools, or are just escaping from the family...

How simple an ornithopter can you create?

Design a game, played entirely with wooden pieces shaped as the platonic solids.