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The machine should be able to wind a filament or wire around a beam structure that could measure 40 feet long by a diameter from 5 to 40 inches. A mechanical tensioning system portable and compact for supporting and dispensing fiber filament or wire, to the filament winder with a standard tension range from 1 lbf to 10 lbf. The winding around the beam such be done silmultaniosly in a criss cross pattern to a 45 angle degree. If interested in helping me with the design, my options are open to discuss terms. Please contact me if more information is needed. thank you, munsangv


. Check out the design of fishing reels.

Thank you, that could be part of the tensioning system

Also, the old baitcasting reels have a good system for placing the line (on the reel) in a way in which it will not tangle upon reeling (or casting).

I think I saw something on "How it's Made" TV show on how they make carbon fiber boat masts or telephone poles. It may be that the winding machine itself it stationary while the "core" beam or pole is fed through the winder to get the fiber wound around the core. Resin is then painted on. But it also could be the winder moves back and forth on rails. It is the same principle as winding thread on a bobbin. Look at the mechanics of a sewing mahine. Try searching on mast or fiber pole making to see what commercial machines do that already. Good luck.

Thanks, I saw the same show on "how its made", Right I think the winding machine should be stationary