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HELP - Gecko escaped - HELP Answered

Ok, I have a gecko (leopard gecko, orange color morph) and I bought it for HK$900 (US$90). And it escaped! At 10:00 it was there and then in the next five mins its gone! I looked everywhere and blocked every door. Help plwwwwwweeeeeaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee?


I reckon combing rooms and checking everything's probably the only way to do it, however you could try luring it out first... Or get the harpoon...


8 years ago

Hm, this one's going to be hard - geckos can basically walk on any surface, including ceilings, so he really could be anywhere in the room. If you've blocked off all the entrances/exits (including vents, anything else your gecko could fit through) then get a friend or two and start combing the room from one end to the other. Once you've gone through a room/item/box, put it somewhere the gecko can't sneak into it - no sense in having to search things multiple times. Also, the human eye is best at seeing movement. If there's any food that would attract him, put it out, then sit quietly (again, grab some friends so you can watch different parts of the room) and wait for him to move - this should grab your eye. It's also probably worth paying for a better lid for your gecko enclosure.

Where would it go - under something, somewhere warm, in search of food? If you've tried these, sweep every room very carefully and thoroughly one at a time. (I assume it won't answer by name and it's not a professional gecko-napping) L