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Ok.... So I just pushed the power button to change the song on my Ipod Nano (6th Generation) to change the song (U2's Crumbs From Your Table). 
It didn't work. The button is sort of limp and doesn't click anymore like the + and - buttons for the volume.
I can't turn it off or change the song. Only turn the same song's volume up or down and listen.
This is the worst part - I'm in Japan as an exchange student. Not only have I lost access to lots of Western culture (keeping me sane), but this fix also has to be super cheap and easy. I'd also rather not mess this Ipod up.
 - basementhacker


Are there no Apple stores in Japan?

Of course there are! But remember the key words: exchange student, cheap, easy. ;)

Kitewife had a dodgy button on her iPod, they sorted it for free.
#1 Son dropped his iPod into the toilet, they replaced it for free.

But is this under a warranty? I think mine might be out....

I mean, did Apple replace the broken Ipod because there was a warranty, ... or just because they're nice people like that? ;)

For both of them, it was niceness. I think it depends partly on how pathetic you look when you go in...

Awwwwww,,,,, ;) OK! Thanks for your help!
I might wait until I get back to get a new one. There's always youtube!

I mean, they were new, but not the latest model (there was a new model between purchase and breakage), just the model they broke.

Well yeah... Same thing here! There's a new one that's 15 times cooler than mine (you can actually see the pictures!) that I might get a job and buy.
And then the old one can get used for hacking!!!

I agree with what Kiteman said below - sometimes Apple will just give you a new one. :D Can't hurt to try!

I've been given new ones twice when things went wrong with my ipods. :)

Price out the repair and see if you would rather spend that money on an "alternate" device. There should be plenty available there to fill the need.