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ok so i was asked to find a book for someone but i have no clue to where to start looking since all the information i have is what the cover looks like and a little bit of the beginning.Anyway the book cover picture of a girl with brown braids looking down and in the background is like a forest and the beginning of the book is suppose to be about a girl riding a wagon with her father to town or something. And the genre of the book is fantasy or fiction. If anyone knows this book or can find it i will give them 50 cookies


 I know exactly what book it is! its called dark hills divide by patrick carman.
see this image.

dark hills divide.jpg

 Heres how: Eenie meenie miney mo. Lol.

Do you know what age group this book is for? adult-teen-kids

Is it popular or a required reading/classic that is read in school?

Is the author known for anything or any other books?

Is it recently published or maybe based on a movie?

I'm not sure what the age group is for ,  but the person looking for it is 17.
I don't think its popular or else she would've known what the book is.
Not sure.
Not sure.
ALSO the book might be named something along the lines of  "Forest of Thorns and Rose" but I'm not certain on that.

Any chance it's Anne of Green Gables?

I went to Google Images and tried "book cover girl with braids". A few different covers from Anne showed up, along with a lot of cruft.

So then I typed "Anne of Green Gables" to get book covers. There have been several TV/movie adaptations, of course, but one of the hits was the link above.

If this isn't what you're looking for, you can continue a search process similar to what I've outlined for you above. As Kiteman noted, book covers vary widely, so you may need to narrow your search by country of origin.

Personally, not a clue (plus, book covers are frequently different in different countries).

However, bumped for somebody else to have a stab at it.