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HELP! We have fleas Answered

HELP! I have fleas, but we have 6 week old chickens in the kitchen. Is it safe to use sevin powder around poultry?


You can't get DDT any more can you?


Definitely Ask The Vet. Personally, I'd kick the chickens out of the building (or at least out of the area) for the duration.

There are insecticidal rug shampoos which are relatively safe for most creatures, and which I had good luck with (combined with bathing and nit-picking the cat, and discarding the infested cat bed). Use as directed; as Rick said, at least one secondary treatment is needed to break the lifecycle.

But birds are so sensitive to so much that I wouldn't do anything different near them without asking an expert.

In addition to rickharris's good advice, also put chunks of flea collar or spray flea spray into the vacuum bag, or replace the vacuum bag after each vacuuming. Otherwise the eggs & larvae you vacuum up will hatch out & re-infest.

Check with vet or manufacturers. Hoover really really well. Wash ALL the bedding if possible rugs etc. Repeat every 3 or 4 days for a couple of weeks to catch hatching eggs.