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HELP!!!: how to make a r/c camera Answered

so, i want to make a miniature r/c camera that does video wirelessly, but i can't find anything on the subject anywhere. in my opinion, just the fact that it is small makes it very plausible to do, and therefore an appropriate question. if anyone knows anything, it would be cool if you could let me know! :)



10 years ago

Buy a wireless camera off of Ebay and a cheap R/C car and mount the camera on it. Plug the camera reciver into your TV you could also attach a flashlight for night time.

It would be easy to buy a r/c camera for $40!!!

like, mounting an r/c sized camera to something, like a r/c vehicle, so you can see where your going even if your not looking at the r/c vehicle

By R/C, what do you mean? Like moving the camera?