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HELP! i need help with sound activated flash!!! Answered

Hello, i have recently been intrested high speed photography. I have rigged a cheap external flash to be fired when you tough two external wired together. I wanted to make some kind of circuit that would trigger the flash when there was a loud sound. I have almost no experience with soldering, soldering, or anything with the sort. i do not have very much money to spend on this particular project. I have noidea what to do, so any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!



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also found this:


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There was a project in Make Magazine a couple years back; complete with a relatively powerful but somewhat expensive kit. There seems to be some discussion on cheaper alternatives on the Make blogs.

One of your best bets would be to find one of those dancing coke cans or flowerpots, that dances when you clap your hands. I have the circuit board from one sat right here on my desk, and all you need to do is attach 2 x AA batteries and attach the two wires to the trigger wires of the flash. Hope this helps.